Friday, November 7, 2008

32 restaurant.

The very first time i had dinner with my friend at 32 restaurant near 'upper penang road ' there .
Its had been long time , i don 't hav a good mood look forward for a date but the night was given me a different feel~~
Well, the environment of the 32 restaurant have an excellent surroundings n look quite high standard.I was the first time went to such high class place ..''lol''
who knows?
I wore slander to went there..Omg ~~make me feel so shameful ><"''
I ate beef, a wild mushroom soup and the favourite --salmon sashimi..
Its cost us about RM200++..
After the dinner, we were walked around the pubs at the nearby restaurant because he knws i never been there so brought me for a look..^^
My comment to pub~~A nice place to entertainment.:)
I went bac to hostel about 11 ++.. Its was a great night! I do really enjoy the dinner with u..
thank lotss..
mc (oppression)

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