Sunday, September 13, 2009

the sooner the better

what makes me so busy?
they are :

kindy works
[i need complete all the w/b n do revision with them b4 i leave. ]
[the slide nt yet complete.]
[havent buy the costume.]

[kiddos need more practices for the dance n songs.]
[i havent do the flash cards yet ]

kl stuff.
[mark down what i need to buy ]
[like new bed sheets,hair dryer .....]

call the agent [mummy keeps nagging me ]
[i called the agency on wed but nobody pick up my call ]sigh!
[i forgot this matter again the following days ] gt kena again laa

cleaned my room. *done
cleaned my desk n bookcase.*done

wash my sport shoes, sandals.
wash bags.
renew my license.
[ the deadline is 11-9-09]

take a photo 4 the new license .

after i listed out all the things i need to do by tis 2 weeks..i c nthg can makes me so
BUT..sometimes i need mood n motivate to do it..:S
somemore, i wan make time to hang out with my friends since they are come bac 4 their sem break.

anyway,the sooner i do it, the better!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

a phone call

arghhhh! I knw it's over with and there's nothing I can do about it BUT i'm still angry laaaaaaaaaaaa..
i knw i were not to blame for anyone...

i knw tis is nt the first time i did this serious mistakes...
i knw tis is my fault...
i knw i shouldnt get angry at him...

In order not to let ppls disturb while i were sleeping , my phone always in silent +no vibrate mode. J call me while i was chatting with my friend . i answered the call n i din realised tat. omg ! he din hang up when he realised i'm nt speak to him. He listened what we were chit-chat about n taken 4 min ++... wth !!!!

i'm angry because u are really no manners!
i'm angry because u denied !
i'm angry because u talked rubbish to me when i was asking u tat !

'' tis is ur fault! nobody cal u put ur phone in slient +no vibrate mode! u shouldnt get angry at ur friend ! he did nthg wrong ! u should bear it n u cannot go scold ppl ! '' ,mummy said.

she said so jst because tis is nt the first time i did the mistake. no worries, i wont go scold him !

can i scold him in my blog ?

you make me sick!
you bastard!
you really turns me off!
you're really gt on my nerves!
what 's wrong with u ???
stop acting innocent in front of me !
i hate it !!!!!!!!!!!

actually, i seldom bring my phone with me after i did the first mistake n i still gt scolded by mummy .It's because i always din pick up her call.

however, happened tis again ...arghhhhh!!!!!!!

after tis matter, i wont let my h/p be with me unless i go out with friends .
i'm sorry if i late reply ur messages or i miss ur call !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

gurl- she has very regular features &7 years old .
me-soon ming chiat.

me : what are u doin? what u want from me?
gurl : she pointed at something ! buy this 4 me! i want i want!
me : huh? sorry, i don get u!

{actually, she is touched my breast}

gurl : I want this! why u and teacher leela got this but i don hav ?why ?

me :WHAT? [blurrrr..]
gurl :buy bra 4 me laa..i want to wear too !
me :lol :S
gurl : i don wan let ppl see my breast !

wth !! then i straight ran away because she always try to touch mine 1 ! omg! even though , she jst 7 years old but she got 17 years old thinking ! how mature she is? :X

Wednesday, September 2, 2009