Friday, October 16, 2009

taylor's uni college

finally, i started my uni life in kl. Everything is out of my expectation.:X Everything in kl is new to me. i feel lonely because i don hav any close friend here.I'm not familiar in kl.I'm new student in Taylor's but i was direct entry so nobody will treat me lik new student especially the lect. Our lect n tutorial notes are printed by ourself. wth!?!x!..when i was in tarc, the lect is spoon-feed us but no more in Taylor's...:( most of friends are speak in English. sigh!..feel shame when i speak with them in broken English :( why? i asked myself why i cant speak fluently in English? is it i don speak oftenly or..? the next day, i told myself is nthg to be shame or wat..because i can speak well in chinese wat..:) nvm , i can speak english all the time because i got an indian roommate. :) She is good n i like her.:)
okay, i would lik to cont other day because i feel tired right now.:S