Sunday, June 29, 2008


Finally, I got da song of Colby Odonis (ft Akon)..that was ''What U Got"!!!
I searched for this song quite a long period ,because i always thought it was ''what i got'' at all times ..SO, until today i just found it..

mc soOn with a weary smile.

Friday, June 13, 2008

ShOpping DAY!

Today, I am in da extremely BAD MOOD !!! Some more Joshua talked to me badly. I just cant accept what he said to me BUT i din scolded him back ,just sit ''diam diam''~~. It's because I don wan tangle with him . I'm angry n faster get down of the car.

After the lect, Shen Yi suggested to go for shopping in GURNEY n ISland PLAZA. I promised her, we had fit on many blouses,jeans, pants, T-shirts n dresses.I had shopping some..I had tried a dress~''simple n nice!'' I lik it!, but din buy><'' ~~

Afterwards, I Went bac to hostel n I tOok a shower then lay on bed n reading bOok . Suddenly, Joshua came in my room n asked wher i am going n did in the afternoon?? I'm be supposed not to give him any response whereas lastly I talked to him but not nice as normally laa~~

WE (mc, Joshua, Shen yi, sheih tjeng) took our dinner at SUBWAY n went to BATU FERRINGGI because of the JOSHUA laa wanna bought the disc "Singaporean drama".
At last, he din got it the disc n I bought the tycOOn game that i WAN it lOng time aGo..

mc soon~~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Auntie HOuse

Every THURS, my renter that i called her 'auntie'..Q_Q~ . She always called me to go her house for taking dinner together. At the beginning, I refused her to go there because I am busy my society things, homework , assignment and #$@^!&*...

Since last year, I started went there for a dinner with them.Hmm~~the dishes quite nice especially the porridge..WOW, love it till now still miss her ~~Porridge Only!^^ Today, i went there as normally on thursday. Her maid cook curry chicken, egg n cut lik pizza , green pepper.

Tonight, auntie invited a man named ''Lim Jin XIn'' ( if I am not spell wrong ) A man who look lik only 27 something, but his actual age was 40 d..WoWww~~ such GENG! He is Good -loOking but his reaction was funny! haha^^. The purpose he came to auntie house was let us knw more about personally characters. We had four types of characters which is D.I.S.C. I did the test, then he said that I'm the ''S'' characters. I remembered some of my virtue n weakness..I'm the slow speed ppl ,indecision, din have own self standpoint n tOo tolerant , these are my weakness. Of course that, I have virtue tOo~~i am Good-tempered , patient n a gOod listener..hehe^^ I don think I hav such of good behavior.

After that, he told us bout many thingss bout our characteristics~~married , relationships, careers n so on. I am quite enjoyed his presentation.GOOD!

mc soon

Friday, June 6, 2008

ME~the first SNAP in da month of JUNE which is 6-6-2008..hehe^^

mc soon~~