Monday, March 31, 2008


hmm~~i think hav a week din log in my blog ler..
ok, lets start to write my bloG noW>>>
Today, i supposed to go play tennis with my friends..Unlucky, court fully booked by ppls..
There was the many timess..., we cant play tennis.It is because the country club there was repairing the court ==""After , i called my best friend (siang ying) for hiking, but she was just woke up when i giv her a called n later she wil be go out with her family.So, lastly i callEd keipo YEE ( my sista)..n ask her whether wanna go or not, SuprisinG~~keipo yEE n shan promised m3..

Hooray~~long time din go for hiking!
Second ~Driving skill too bad in last tim3 ..
When arrived there, we find a parking BUT the road quite narrow>> scared ler..
I drive very very carefully, cause my skills not really good ar..Luckily, we find da place to park n very easy to park in..XD After that, i told them i wan back n bit lazy ler.. Kei po YEE said ''人也是你,鬼也是你''. LOL..Lastly, we also reached the gloriette just bac..

We took some pic there! In the beginning , they was refused to took picha but i told them i wont put in friendster ..LOL..( i will put in blog ar!! ) I din tell th3m..

Wut u both doin over there ya?

any handsome there is it??
Kei po yee n ugly m3(in tis picha)

The view there~~

Got so tired meh?

Three Of Us!!

Without anyone help us to take tis picha,geng leh!!!

when on the way bac, shan always said ''tired tired tired'', then i called to watch the picha of family>>>even the dog ,n kid also came for hiking n seem so happy ler..LOL^^

Happy !!! It was maybe nice&happY to hang out with twin sista than friendsss..

"~" mc SOon "~"

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Year Anniversary~~

HAPPY National Service 1 yeaR
We meet again after one yEAr~~
Firstly , tis was organized of JOshphine..
she Was the one still remembered tat 18-03-2008...
Thanks for CAl us to hanG out together..
we were gathered at 'Golden BBq Steamboat'.

Firstly, Zhi Peng came to fetch Ai PIng , GAry n m3..Appreciate lots tat can fetch me , cause i know tat its quite far for him to fetch me at Tanjung
Bungah . After reached there, i thought we are the first because still early.We're wrong many friends dy at there. Then , we waiting some friends coming then started to take the foodss...
After tat, took lots picha~~

She is eating the egg i fried to her~~

The first Pic we took together..

'Second Pich@'

She is always so amiability.

After 1 year, they grow hair d! LOl^^

SUper Active GAls =]

to put in

See>>Taste GOOD!!!

BOut 10 something, we just bac... !GALSss G@ng!

NIce to meet u guys all..
Never regret went to national service..
Hop can Keep In toucH always~~
Every tis day on the month,
We hang out together!!
Miss the moment~~

"mc soon"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yesterday , i was drive myself to meet my best friend "siang ying"..
That was my first time,maybe is too late for the age who 19 d..
Lol^^Cause normally whose age 17 can got the license d ..
Anyway, i am happy ler~~

Yesterday, i went for tuition..
I got the feel of the songs~~
So, happy ler~
a wonderful things..
A thing can train your patience, that is playing 'MUSIC'..

Yesterday, i supposed to go back to hostel,

because i am not feeling well..
so i cal my friend named Yi to fetch me back together to0..
A friend named Justin also messaged to ask m3 whether wan to go back hostel together noT..Here to say thank You U both~~Appreciate lots!^^

Anyway, I hop I have a nice DAy~~

Sunday, March 16, 2008


"你眼睛会笑 弯成一条桥
终点却是我 永远到不了 感觉你来到 是风的呼啸 
思念像苦药 竟如此难熬 每分每秒
我找不到 我到不了 
你所谓的将来的美好 我什麽都不要
知不知道 若你懂我 这一秒 我想看到 我在寻找

那所谓的爱情的美好 我紧紧的依靠

紧紧守牢 不敢漏掉 一丝一毫 愿你看到 "

Maybe I am just the
one's who own wishful thinking~~

Saturday, March 15, 2008

YOU again!!!

Again!!! Again!!! Again!!!

Y u always like tat har??
Y dy promise me the things, still impatient to do tat??
Y always lik tat de..??
U really make me bad mood,
Having a bad Day!!
Very "geram " of U!!!!
Hate to See Ur faCE...
Odium~~ Odium~~Odium~~

~~mc ~~MAD

Friday, March 7, 2008


" You better next time don't ever use my laptop thank you....
no matter how just don use thank you..."
When i saw tis message , i am shock n have lots of doubt~~
?? What happen on YOU~~
??What suddenly say so~~
After tat, i called him (Joshua). He said his mum was angry about that day what we have done it.
Actually, that day i am using his laptop to search my drama (prison break season 3) , because later wanna go for a movie so not enough time to sit through the drama. I open his msn to send the website to my msn , so i can get it there..Suddenly, Rachel(his mum) was message to i help him to text it back (Joshua besides me t00) and we chat for a while. He was a Guy who always honestly to his parent especially Mum. Lastly, he told his mum everything...
Quite HURT~~when he text it t0 m3, i know i am wronG , but he have the responsibility to0..I knw him when i am primary schooL, bout 10 years lo0~~Honestly, I'm sad to received his message like tat, cause I treat him as my best best friend. Although, he loved his mum so much, but i am his friend, how can his talk t0 m3 like tat..
I am disappo

Saturday, March 1, 2008

FiRst Day Of MarCh !

HoORaY! I Graduate LEr!!YEaH^^

Ten HourSss for the Tennis LEsSon...

AlthouGh I 'm not that promptness ,smartness & active enough in tiS sport,
BUt at Least I knew tat the basIc to plAy TenniS,

When u can FEEL the ball,

When u can SMACK the ball,

When u can HIT the ball,
U loVin TenniS~ ~

My siR named MR LAu; he was a funny ,nice, goOd, and friendly SIR..

S0, i Lik tis SiR >_<

I Still the rememberEd the last seCond leSson oF playIng tenniS..

we Played in the raiNnY daY```

W3t w3T W3T~ ~ ~But We Are HappY!^^MeMoRaBl3``

Tod@y , I get my semester 2 result ><`` I faiL~ ~HaiZ!
Y?? tis subject is the high Pass LisT!
Y is m3? I would rather than to fail math Sub, cause easier For m3 to do revision!
I fail MarcOeconomiC!
I think GOD is giving m3 a chance to get BettEr reSulT in tis sUb..!!!

ToMoLo , mY friend EE Jj wanna BAc To KL..
So, we haV makE an appointment to watch moVie (JumpeR) together..
BecaUse I Owe Him ! we Taking our lunch in a India restauranT~~

" RiCE "

" MUttOn "

" fIsH "


AfteR, I treat him eat ice –cream!! When eating iCe –CreaM wil Not b3 so saD cause the bad results reaLLy upset me…

S0, tis da thingie happened in My first Day oF MArcH ><```

~ ~ mcSoon ~ ~