Friday, March 7, 2008


" You better next time don't ever use my laptop thank you....
no matter how just don use thank you..."
When i saw tis message , i am shock n have lots of doubt~~
?? What happen on YOU~~
??What suddenly say so~~
After tat, i called him (Joshua). He said his mum was angry about that day what we have done it.
Actually, that day i am using his laptop to search my drama (prison break season 3) , because later wanna go for a movie so not enough time to sit through the drama. I open his msn to send the website to my msn , so i can get it there..Suddenly, Rachel(his mum) was message to i help him to text it back (Joshua besides me t00) and we chat for a while. He was a Guy who always honestly to his parent especially Mum. Lastly, he told his mum everything...
Quite HURT~~when he text it t0 m3, i know i am wronG , but he have the responsibility to0..I knw him when i am primary schooL, bout 10 years lo0~~Honestly, I'm sad to received his message like tat, cause I treat him as my best best friend. Although, he loved his mum so much, but i am his friend, how can his talk t0 m3 like tat..
I am disappo

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