Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yesterday , i was drive myself to meet my best friend "siang ying"..
That was my first time,maybe is too late for the age who 19 d..
Lol^^Cause normally whose age 17 can got the license d ..
Anyway, i am happy ler~~

Yesterday, i went for tuition..
I got the feel of the songs~~
So, happy ler~
a wonderful things..
A thing can train your patience, that is playing 'MUSIC'..

Yesterday, i supposed to go back to hostel,

because i am not feeling well..
so i cal my friend named Yi to fetch me back together to0..
A friend named Justin also messaged to ask m3 whether wan to go back hostel together noT..Here to say thank You ya..to U both~~Appreciate lots!^^

Anyway, I hop I have a nice DAy~~

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