Thursday, December 24, 2009

let it be the past.

time flies...
2 years ago, I was celebrating my first christmas with u.
year ago, we started our relationship on christmas day.
And this year ,i would like to say bye to u.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm tired and i really mind of it and i hate it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

taylor's uni college

finally, i started my uni life in kl. Everything is out of my expectation.:X Everything in kl is new to me. i feel lonely because i don hav any close friend here.I'm not familiar in kl.I'm new student in Taylor's but i was direct entry so nobody will treat me lik new student especially the lect. Our lect n tutorial notes are printed by ourself. wth!?!x!..when i was in tarc, the lect is spoon-feed us but no more in Taylor's...:( most of friends are speak in English. sigh!..feel shame when i speak with them in broken English :( why? i asked myself why i cant speak fluently in English? is it i don speak oftenly or..? the next day, i told myself is nthg to be shame or wat..because i can speak well in chinese wat..:) nvm , i can speak english all the time because i got an indian roommate. :) She is good n i like her.:)
okay, i would lik to cont other day because i feel tired right now.:S

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the sooner the better

what makes me so busy?
they are :

kindy works
[i need complete all the w/b n do revision with them b4 i leave. ]
[the slide nt yet complete.]
[havent buy the costume.]

[kiddos need more practices for the dance n songs.]
[i havent do the flash cards yet ]

kl stuff.
[mark down what i need to buy ]
[like new bed sheets,hair dryer .....]

call the agent [mummy keeps nagging me ]
[i called the agency on wed but nobody pick up my call ]sigh!
[i forgot this matter again the following days ] gt kena again laa

cleaned my room. *done
cleaned my desk n bookcase.*done

wash my sport shoes, sandals.
wash bags.
renew my license.
[ the deadline is 11-9-09]

take a photo 4 the new license .

after i listed out all the things i need to do by tis 2 weeks..i c nthg can makes me so
BUT..sometimes i need mood n motivate to do it..:S
somemore, i wan make time to hang out with my friends since they are come bac 4 their sem break.

anyway,the sooner i do it, the better!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

a phone call

arghhhh! I knw it's over with and there's nothing I can do about it BUT i'm still angry laaaaaaaaaaaa..
i knw i were not to blame for anyone...

i knw tis is nt the first time i did this serious mistakes...
i knw tis is my fault...
i knw i shouldnt get angry at him...

In order not to let ppls disturb while i were sleeping , my phone always in silent +no vibrate mode. J call me while i was chatting with my friend . i answered the call n i din realised tat. omg ! he din hang up when he realised i'm nt speak to him. He listened what we were chit-chat about n taken 4 min ++... wth !!!!

i'm angry because u are really no manners!
i'm angry because u denied !
i'm angry because u talked rubbish to me when i was asking u tat !

'' tis is ur fault! nobody cal u put ur phone in slient +no vibrate mode! u shouldnt get angry at ur friend ! he did nthg wrong ! u should bear it n u cannot go scold ppl ! '' ,mummy said.

she said so jst because tis is nt the first time i did the mistake. no worries, i wont go scold him !

can i scold him in my blog ?

you make me sick!
you bastard!
you really turns me off!
you're really gt on my nerves!
what 's wrong with u ???
stop acting innocent in front of me !
i hate it !!!!!!!!!!!

actually, i seldom bring my phone with me after i did the first mistake n i still gt scolded by mummy .It's because i always din pick up her call.

however, happened tis again ...arghhhhh!!!!!!!

after tis matter, i wont let my h/p be with me unless i go out with friends .
i'm sorry if i late reply ur messages or i miss ur call !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

gurl- she has very regular features &7 years old .
me-soon ming chiat.

me : what are u doin? what u want from me?
gurl : she pointed at something ! buy this 4 me! i want i want!
me : huh? sorry, i don get u!

{actually, she is touched my breast}

gurl : I want this! why u and teacher leela got this but i don hav ?why ?

me :WHAT? [blurrrr..]
gurl :buy bra 4 me laa..i want to wear too !
me :lol :S
gurl : i don wan let ppl see my breast !

wth !! then i straight ran away because she always try to touch mine 1 ! omg! even though , she jst 7 years old but she got 17 years old thinking ! how mature she is? :X

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

life at goshen morning

finally, i completed the slide show [ Life at Goshen Morning ]. First, i need to thank my principal who accepted my idea of makin tis slide show . Secondly, thanks my friend who helped me to check my BROKEN english :S.

actually, i learnt a lot from my work. It's because the principal always giving chance to share my opinions and my work are not restricted :) to be honest, i'm nt a confident person. my ideas always belong to '' weird '' either ' 'are u sure bout this''. my friends always doubt at me , on the contrary, the principal support me :) I really appreciate this.

as joshua said, i met new friends {kiddos}there too.. haha. been 2 months ; living with the kids ... with them happiness is all i have .They fill me up with happiness and take away my sadness :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

i feel lost !

i feel lost about our friendship!
i don knw hw to face it so i choose to run away from the fact.
i don lik to explain because i would feel lik i was trying to conceal smthg.
i'm nt angry wat u had told me but i MIND!
i need TIME to accept tis.

i don knw hw long i need to take it but i'm sure nw is nt the right timing!
pls..jst let me :)
if u feel lik i'm selfish, jst hate me !

i knw tat i always a failure in this case :x
sigh! i hav no idea d :s

Thursday, August 6, 2009

sorry :S

y everyone is blaming on me?
am i did something bad to u?
what's wrong with me?

i hav nthg to say..sorry then :X

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i made it

the rubik cube , can u do tis?

i can made tis months ++ago.
did u know who is my master?
she is my little twin sisters :)
master sOon XD
captured by sis
i wan 'S ' body !!
y i hard to slim down.?
big shoulder?
fat hand?
big ass?
oh god!...

Friday, July 24, 2009

happy day

a happy day to me . they appreciate n liked my ideas. We enjoyed !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


gooood !!! !!! !!! ... ... ...

I feeeeeeel good after i recovered from illness . I felt bad , tired, geram , hot temper, pain.... when i fall sick. The most cham is I need to go for work :( nvm, i'm healthy N O W..yeah yeah!! :)

I felt tired after work. I knw tis job only taking me 6 hours but i need to prepare either copy something to the kids after i bac to home so it takes me whole morning n afternoon. :S tat's y i felt so tired :X .

The kindergarten decided to organise a concert to the kids .The concert will be held on NOV .. I don think i can take part n celebrate with them. arghhh!! so bad! :S BUT i still need to teach them to dance n sing a song . Today , I let them to listen the song tat i had chosen . Luckily, they loved it XD. They were so cute when i was teaching them to

to be cont.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

first time in JULY life getting better n better now. I was sleeping at 10 something n waking up at 7. hooray! i can changed my lifestyle to be healthier day by day then. no more panda eyes, no more late sleep, no more worries, no more missing... yeah ! yeah!

I got many first time in July like i went pub with families, i was dancing in my cousin wedding party , i used my broken English to communicate with Mr/Mrs banana, i danced with a guy , my hand was duper sweat when i hold hand with the guy , i felt hot when i talked to him n finally, i am a kindergarten teacher now :P

the kids are super duper naughty..actually, i can learned something from there. e.g. hw to handle with the kids when they are crying, hw to reply their silly ques , what we must do after scolded them and so on... btw , i was enjoying to teach them.. XD

yeah XD

Friday, June 19, 2009

ask me why :X

the more i said, the more ques i had made it.
i hate myself..saying something without using my brain.:S

recently, my temper is good gone to bad.maybe the weather is duper hot n feel very 'pek'..sometimes i talked with ppl impatiently.Besides this , I had great difficulty getting off to sleep every night... i don knw wat is the reason ?!x!? HELP !

I wondered tat i dislike ppl ask me ''whyyy''? I was annoyed at these ques.Stop asking me, plssss...sometimes i did something without any reason , then hw i give to u one?

My remarks were not aimed at anyone..No Offence !!!

as I said blogger is let ppl to share or express their feelin .writing blog is better than vented my ill-temper to somebody,right? So, i jst wan simply shout to my blogger ..:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the director of the kindergarten

I went to interview again. mmm...actually nt really an interview, i think the teacher wanna meet me n see whether my level can achieve her target nt and see hw i can handle for the subject.

when i reached there , she called me to write 5 reasons [in chinese] to her why i wan apply here n work in kindergarten..( i forgot hw to write for some words :S )

mmm..wth?!x!? wat is tis ques , huh? btw, i also gave 5 reasons to her but i think jst a little bit nonsense..:S something that i wrote lik i do like kids , only work in 5 days n bla bla...
i was wondering how important of the behaviour either ideas for a director to manage his /her kindergarten's because school life has a great influence on the formation of a child's character, right?

the first kindergarten i had been worked 4 one day. the kids are discipline ,quiet n polite but different with these kids i had met today.
they felt curious bout u,talkative , bit naughty ,active n so on.
they were asking u; y are u comin here? did u married? can i borrow ur phone? y are u writing this? is tis ur car key, y i cant press it? i think this age of kids should behave tis .

my idea is jst don be so strict to a kid if not they were lost their freedom n they don dare to do or ask wat they wan or need. i would said tat because i never see any kids in first kindergarten having tis curiousness n nt tat active when i went there for interview...maybe i shouldn't comment on it since i worked there for one day only..:P

i resigned 4 the first job jst because i don lik the director like the way she shout to students, she scolded teachers in front of students jst because a small matter , she giv pressure to kids n teachers n the most reason is she talked in this way but she doin another way. i knw i complaint too much on her. in conclusion, i don like her. so, i think tis is important to choose a good kindergarten n hw the director behave it.:P
anyway, i will be started my work on 29th of june ..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i got a job

yes! yes! I was looking for a job n I got their replied from today :)

I am duper happy now :P
I think after i go to more muzz, lifeless , boringness , nonsense and bla bla...
I hop I can change my lifestyle .It can be keep regular hours.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I don play badminton over ''thousand ''years ago.LOl:P
I started to play again since last month which is MAY. It was destined that i know a new friend. She is a beautician and damn pretty.:)
this thurs,she make a phoned call to me n date me go play badminton together.
when i reached there tis morning, i saw.....few couples(her friends n included her)..
hey, is it a couple date ? omg, i felt a little bit weird if i joined them. :S
but at the end, i enjoyed it n feeeeeeel great after exercise :P

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cinderella Man

yo! yo! yo! my man , my idol 权相宇 had his new drama named CINDERELLA MAN !!!

A story of a rich man (Lee Joon Hee) who switches lives with a man who looks identical to him only the difference between them is the other man is poor (Oh Dae San). Seo Yeo Jin is a girl who studies at fashion design school in Paris but returns to Korea after her life is turned upside down when her father dies. This Tv show only had 16 episodes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the new layout.

yea, I changed my layout. I spent afternoon to do this blogger layout n i 'm not satisfied at all !!! i found some layouts tat i loved it but cant saved as my template ...arghhh!?!x!? btw, it will be my temporarily layout.

In addition to changing my layout, i read my previous posts. i found tat the past few months, i was unhappy n wasting my life , time... but i think i was doin great in last year. i learned a lot of things, i shared, i cared, i tried to speak out of my ideas, i listened to ppls, i studied hard , try not to feel shy , i waited patiently n i cried sadly too. :) the most happiest thing is my results getting better n better . Finally i can graduate n convo on JUNE of 27th. wish me?! wish me?! lol:)

Recently,I got cheerful and depressed by turns. I have no reasons y i will become lik tis?!x!?
maybe my allergic was in convalescence.
maybe i have no job,no work pass through my days.
maybe the things is happenin again n again..
its gonna makes me freakin out. screams....

alright, i need to off now because i had a headche.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

wake up, soon

yea, as my title said i need to ''wake up'' in tis couple months.i should , i must, i need...
This few weeks,my friends n I went to apply the uni .some go aus,one go sunway n i will be goin taylor {mostly} to continue our futher studies. when my friends apply to aus uni, let me rake my past.
i admit tat i still miss friends awoke my memories about him.
the first time we met,the first movie we had been watched,our first date,our first christmas celebration and so on. it was unforgettable moments for me.
it can be described as a memorable dream to me. it was a dream ! i should wake up,right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

grey's anatomy

Meredith fall for shepherd but they are keep in distance now.
George slept with her and she was crying n look suffered finally.
Dr.Burke really love Dr.Yang because he made her a key.
I like the patient denny n Dr.stevens to be a couple. They are lovely.
Alex betrayed stevens when they are being a couple.

no!i'm not insane.
yes!i'm watching GREY's ANATOMY and i think i was addicted on tis drama.

Monday, May 25, 2009

something to talk about

something we just don't wan to hear,
something we say because we can't be silent any longer,
something more than what you say and what you do,
something you say because there are no other choices,
something you keep it for yourself,
something simply speak for them,
this is something to talk about....

Friday, May 22, 2009

i miss him!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i cooked.

Daddy went to africa.
Mummy have a date with grandmother.
so, i was the ppl who are prepare lunch n dinner to my lovely sisters.


jiang! jiang! jiang!..

the soup.

the supporter.

the chef:P
to all my clever friends,
i havent said anything yet, but u guys seem lik knw everything.-- Lol
btw, thanks for care :p
i really appreciate it,thanks :)
no worries, i'm will be alright soon..XD
tml is another fresh day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Love isn't an emotion or an instinct - it's an art.

"We never forget those who make us blush."


Love isn't sympathy.

Neither is a charity gift.


I will let it go...

Friday, May 8, 2009

tell me

i'm tired.
tell me how u think of me,
tell me why i feel pain,
tell me how i can love u more,
tell me why is there something i have missed,
tell me what i gonna do the next,
tell me ,plss tel me..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was woke up in the morning pretty early :P since I slept well last night . No dream! No noise! No worries ! It's because i had taken sleeping pill from mummy.

I got his message by tis morning. He said tat
'Do u even care wat i feel'?

Don I? U never tell me hw u think of me? U never share ur problems, sadness, happiness or wat happened to u at there? Did u giving me the chances ? I knw i cant help u when u are sharing with me. at least, i knw tat u are unhappy . tat y I always said tat i knw nthg bout u.

yea, i'm the one who always demand tis n tat? then , hav u ever think bout it, y i become lik tis? i think u don put this thing in ur heart because u think tat i'm making a great commotion about nothing , right? i don wanna be lik tis also..Its seem lik i kept nagging u, i always on your back.

then , do u knw y i keep asking u that 'did u hav anything to tel me'?... eventhough i knw u don lik ...i 'm asking jst because i wan to knw more bout u at there?! is there everything alright for u? wat hav u did today? n bla bla....not lik this; i asked how ya then u replied tat i'm fine here. ><''

I wish that u telling me this all by urself n not everything wan me to ask u n jst lik i asking u ques then u answer.. wei, wat kind of conversation is tat lar ??!! I know u always felt that i'm the one who are quiet n nthg to say. I'm willing to say more when i can feel tat the ppl who are willing u to listen . '' are we difficult to communicate to each others,hUh?''

Since we hav 1 week ++ not really contact to each other , i started to feel tat is doesnt matter we got contact everyday, i won't like last time always looking forward to talk with u .The feeling is different now. [hard to describe] As i knw, we really don know each other well !!! Btw, i jst wanna release my pent-up emotions.:P

Got somebody get shock when saw me in the morning.She is my mummy {m}

m: Wow! u are awake,hUh?

mc: ur pill is useless lar..

m:wat lar ?! kia we go for breakfast together lar after tat help me do houseworks for keep fit.. way!

m:u should do some houseworks since u are grew fatter n fatter..

mc:swt?? Deal! u must acc me to go out later after i finished all the houseworks.

after taken our lunch, we went to kindergarden for inquired about the part-time job. I called few kindergardens n finally got response from one of the kindergarden named sunshine.yeah! they hired me.yes! i got the another job...:P

then , i went jusco to buy joshua a birthday present . [ hop he lik it :P]

mmm...mummy calling me again !!!

stop here lar..:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

finally, i cry on mummy shoulder

I'm not sure when i got this allergic appear on my face.
now , its getting more serious n serious..i was extremely not in da mood.i'm worries:(
my friends asking me y cant connect to ur phone, y din reply my message ,y u ignore me in msn..

i'm so sorry, i really feel sad n no mood to talk with u guys.

Don tried to comfort me because it doesnt help me .

I have no confident to all the doctors..i feel bad to take some useless medicine.i hate it.
can somebody tell me the way to recover?

I wish to talk with him eventhough i knw he cant help me BUT...he was really busy on doin his works :( and i jst don wan bother him.

I know she hate ppl crying when meet the problems. She said tat it doesnt help me, it will getting more worse. I was unable to keep back my tears. You guys have no idea how worried I was. but when she said to me tat '' I'll do everything possible to help you to recover it and u should trust mummy.''

finally, I was crying on mummy shoulder..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009




A 说 :‘就想说相处一阵子,看他会不会变得好一点。’
B说 :‘那时太年轻,以为给对方机会就是给自己机会。’
C说 :‘心软吧,觉得自己不该把事情处理得太绝。’
D说 :‘等待奇迹出现吧,当时对自己很有信心,认为老天不会作弄我。’







但毕竟‘谈恋爱’ 和‘买包子’不同,谁都不该浪费谁的时间,不该让对方傻傻的等待!不要随意给予承诺,当爱情碰到瓶颈,双方要积极沟通,寻求解决之道,找到共同都可以接受的相处模式。万一,努力过了,还是没有共识,就趁早了结吧!别浪费青春。

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy birthday !!!

HaPpy BiRthDay tO YoU!
Wishing U hAV a GreaT DaY :P

Friday, April 10, 2009

Because OF...

sigh! I was disturbed about the allergic on my face since last year. I don knw wat is happening ??? PLs STay AwAy frOm me! ! !

Because of the allergic.....

I don like look into the mirror.
I just want to stay at home.
I refused my friend invitations.
I felt moody.
I felt ugly.
I hate it.
I felt bad about the allergic.
I felt dry.
I drank a lots of water.
I gained weight. (eat more when moody)
I have no mood to talk.
I taken lots of medicine.
I felt tired after taken the medicine.
I have no confident to the doctors.

Pls PLs PLs..go away!!! (allergic)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I was doin a test from my mail. I got this result!

忠心,目的性比較強 do i?

牧羊犬對主人百分百忠心,為了完成工作不惜付出一切,這類型的人非常遵守規章制度 ,對於朋友拜託的事都會如期完成,人緣很不錯,有教養又懂禮貌的你不喜歡出風頭, 只要做好職責範圍之內的事就盡情沉醉在自我的興趣中咯,閒暇時候的你那副悠閒自得 的模樣,很是令人羡慕。 70% ,i think..

因為個性隨和的緣故,所以你跟任何人都能和平相處,對人缺乏防備可以說是你的最大 缺點,也是你煩惱的根源,心太誠太善的話,很容易被人利用,你必須提高警惕,才不 至於讓吃虧上當。 i will make it better !:P

你非常享受談戀愛的感覺,對於不入眼的異性相當冷漠,一般來說,你很少為愛受折磨 就算有喜歡的對象也不敢主動告白,不過一旦愛起來將是那麼熱情難擋。
ya,I am:) but i do feel suffer sometimes when i fall for someone .

你的好耐心是大優點哦,適合當醫生、會計師、電腦工程師等。 accountant? will i be in future???

Saturday, March 28, 2009










Saturday, February 28, 2009

i am playgirl

yea, i'm a playgirl in ur mind nOw!
friend:I feel unhappy because u are changed.
back then, u wont accept the guy buy stuff for u.
back then,u wont hang out with the guy.
back then, u wont accept when they want to treat u.
why dont u reject??
i don understand u Now.
do u knw u are giving chances to them?
do u knw u are giving hope to them?
u are girl, u cant do this!
u are addicted maybe.
why u being so 随便??

i'm not gonna explain it because i knw wat i'm doin right now. of course u cant read my mind because u're not me.If u can make it, i will be ur gf d larrrrrrr... ;)I thought u are the one who understanding me because we are good friend . I knw u won't care i will be text u or call u afterwards n u want me to knw that i'm a good girl gone to bad, right?

Honestly, i feel hurt when u said these nonsense to me.ya, wat u had said it are nonsenses to me.
Well, I don received anything they bought except my birthday present.I'm going out with a movie with them jst because i want to watch it too.I knw u said tat i'm giving chances but at the same time they knw tat i wont fall for them.Maybe this is only my idea :) ops ,I'm explaining !
yes, I'm changed. I am trying to be not so care bout others how they looking at me.I feel tired about it since studied at highschool . It is impossible i can make everyone to understand me. Impossible! ! !

Different people , different way of thinking! agree?
I remembered we had been talked bout gf&bf stuff. I said i will hang out with guys eventhough
I got a boyfriend. but, u are the guy who cannot accept ur gf do this to u. cccc... we having different way of ideas.

I can accept my bf do this to me ; nevertheless, make sure nthg happen between them.I'm a person who want lots of freedom , don't lik ppl controlling on me, don't lik boyfriend always stick on me 24 hours ^^ and so on.

I don mind what u had told me :) no worries, I still treat u as my friend :>.maybe I had made the correct decision in last time because we having different ideas.

people are changing from time to time.

I need to stop it..

Oh god! Recently, I ate lots of ice-cream.I taken after my breakfast,lunch, dinner n wherever I went.It helps me gaining my weight! SoOoo bad!:(seriously plss help me, I need to stop it!For an example, I ate chocolate ice-cream after my lunch then having green tea ice-cream at sakae sushi afterwards bought the flavor of chocolate mint when i went to night market.hell,how can this be? No way for someone who want to be slim n pretty??!
Ya, I feel upset currently so I jst ate lots of ice-cream but it seem not work anymore!
wat can I do?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mountain climbing

I haven't seen him for a long while.Finally, we decided to go tukun for mountain climbing together:)
This place calls up my memories with someone.Well, don't rake up the past.

who is he?
-someone who care of me.
-supporting me.
-be my listener.
-accompanying me when i need him.
-was bullied by me :)
" What is he to me?''
''He is a very kind person."He treat everyone with his pure heart.I knw him since we are 15 years old. He offered me the hand of fellowship when I was in difficulties.He always be the first one be with me when i was down. He seem like my counsellor for the last time:) I still remembered , he phoned me once a week for asking how's it going on me? Then , I will told him everything had happened to me for the whole week.
It still had a lot to say it but i think should stop here (jst keep in my mind larrr) I jus wan u to knw ;i can be ur listener sometimes when u need it.I really appreciate what u had done to me. Glad to have u as my friend ;)
anyway, Real friendship is more valuable than money.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

gal n guy 2

guy:I've been taking too long break .
need to get back to work.
gal:ok lar. seem u feel tat wasting time while chat with me...(joking)
guy:i need to do work babe n u r being impossible.
gal:WATEVER? actually, i was joking .
guy:u can't always joke about serious thing lik tat.
u don knw how much u upset me.
gal:serious things?
guy:i really got to go.don bother!

after this, the gal heart is hurting n upset her. WATEVER? she get hurt of this word..nobody lik this word saying out from their bf/gf. He/She will start thinking tat are u really care of me?

gal sms to him...
gal: watever?wat do u mean ? i was joking n i don think a gf demand chat with her bf for longer time is a serious thing! don talk to me by tomolo.hng! {shut down her phone}
guy:sorry,i didn't knw what u was joking about at first.anyway,i really need to get bac to work.

she felt fedupness after read his message.She knws he wont care bout it whether she got replying him or not;whether they are not contact to each other for one whole day..><''

Is she think too much of it?
Is she care so much?
Is she too petty?
Is she demand too much?
Is he really don care?
Is he really busy?
Is he don think tat is a prob?
Is he think tat she is troublesome?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

gal n guy

guy:Happy valentine to u ..I love u:)
guy:how hard to u saying i love u or giving goodbye kiss?
gal:its hard [thinking]

friend:just type it 'i love u'.how hard ?
gal:erm..but not yet reach the level of loving him so much.I don wan><''
friend:u sangat degil larrrrrrr...
gal:is he angry?
friend:i think yes! he will thought that u are not love him.
gal:wat to do?
friend: Think by urself!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy holiday!

Hooray!!happy holiday!
It's unbelieveable!
I had finished semester 2..
How time flies!!!
wow,it was a tough semester to me..><''
I AM FREE~~~:)
I'm gonna enjoy my sem break!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy chinese new year!:)

wishes my family,friends,relatives n everyone who had celebrate chinese new year..
HaPPy chinese NeW yeaR! !

Thursday, January 22, 2009

To my dear friend

To: yee n siang ying,

mm..let's talk bout siang ying ~~
Dear friend, i know u are suffering now,feel sorry that i cant help u anything! I had been long time din meet him d, so i not really know his character now?
is he treat u nicer?
is he sincere?
is he good?
is he selfish?
Sorry ! i can't judge someone that i not really knw well!!
by the way, i hop u can handle it well by urself or maybe he is only ur passer-by in ur life!
Just let it be! Time can prove anything! !cheer up!:) ur turn --yee
I also don knw what i supposed to tell u or what i need to encourage??
We've been friends ever since I met him from standard 3. Last time, I know u are suffered from being misunderstood that we are like each other or i lik him or he lik me..Lol:)
I tell u what..u are not the first person who jealousy due to this incident.
I'm glad to hav this friend n i appreciate our friendship:P
although he is not the prefect one , sometimes he will be selfish,childish,crazy..but i want to tell u that he is a good guy! A guy who loves his parent much ,respect the elders n treat everyone with his pure heart!
Last time, i hope u can be his gf so i did all what i can do for both of u but i found that i was wrong..LOVE game is played by 2 players only not 3.I cant always help u to understand his heart..
is he like u?
is he got a bit feel to u?
is he got angel in his heart?
then, u will tel me that ~~
I'm suffering..
i can't concentrate..
i'm sad..
should i giv up?
or..keep goin?
As ur friend ,i just can giv some advise,encourage or support ur decision-making.
i don't knw he got feel to u not? it's because this kinda of thingie must judge by urself,third party hard to make any sense ..
by the way, appreciate the remainder of daysss that can spend with him..
in conclude,gooD luck to u both!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the first blog in 2009

Oh gOd! my blog is so dead! I had abandon my blog for a month..
It's because i dont hav the mood to write blog.
erm, i think i was dreaming all the daysss in dec.
i dont concentrate in class.
i always gossip with my friend (shen yi) when the lect is teaching.
i hang out with my friends frequently.
i didnt get much sleep.
Its seem that i do hav bad days in dec,nevertheless,i got a nice dream but it is short.
okay, let's talk bout JAN!
more worse for me><'' because my exam is around the corner..
today, i had finished the fourth paper and another 2 paper will be tested after new year..
Hell Hell Hell ! ! !
i want celebrate my new year without exam lar...
stupid college..
stupid management..
stupid ! ! !
In the period of exam,i hope to get ur message or even a call to encourage me~~
call me to work hard,
call me to try my best,
call me don pressure or what..?
I hope to receive it..I really do! Finally, i get nothing :{ From now onward ,maybe i shouldnt expect too much from u .High expectation ,Higher disappointed!
By the way, i need to thank all my friends who care me ,encourage me ,love me ...when i'm feel down or pressure for preparing my final especially U >>ee jj.
To ee jj,
thanks for always acc me when i'm down ,sad, pressure or happy.
u are always be the first one who beside me..I really appreciate!!:>
And another best friend named siang ying, i hope u can find ur Mr.right ASAP!LOl:)
I promise i will find u after my exam , ok?
watever, i hop the time can pass faster a bit..!!hehe