Saturday, February 21, 2009

gal n guy 2

guy:I've been taking too long break .
need to get back to work.
gal:ok lar. seem u feel tat wasting time while chat with me...(joking)
guy:i need to do work babe n u r being impossible.
gal:WATEVER? actually, i was joking .
guy:u can't always joke about serious thing lik tat.
u don knw how much u upset me.
gal:serious things?
guy:i really got to go.don bother!

after this, the gal heart is hurting n upset her. WATEVER? she get hurt of this word..nobody lik this word saying out from their bf/gf. He/She will start thinking tat are u really care of me?

gal sms to him...
gal: watever?wat do u mean ? i was joking n i don think a gf demand chat with her bf for longer time is a serious thing! don talk to me by tomolo.hng! {shut down her phone}
guy:sorry,i didn't knw what u was joking about at first.anyway,i really need to get bac to work.

she felt fedupness after read his message.She knws he wont care bout it whether she got replying him or not;whether they are not contact to each other for one whole day..><''

Is she think too much of it?
Is she care so much?
Is she too petty?
Is she demand too much?
Is he really don care?
Is he really busy?
Is he don think tat is a prob?
Is he think tat she is troublesome?


sean[m] said...

lolx... not really understand what is in the passage... but can know that it reveal the real conflict in your life... i guess...

To me in the passage, all the s/he thought only come out in 1 conclusion. Both are not really understand each other yet.... *O*

Dun mad at me if i trigger your anger...

mc said...

in my life?
i wrote this doesnt mean i'm the gal..
but i'm the one who cant accept someone who are important in my life said [WATEVER] to me..:)