Saturday, February 28, 2009

i am playgirl

yea, i'm a playgirl in ur mind nOw!
friend:I feel unhappy because u are changed.
back then, u wont accept the guy buy stuff for u.
back then,u wont hang out with the guy.
back then, u wont accept when they want to treat u.
why dont u reject??
i don understand u Now.
do u knw u are giving chances to them?
do u knw u are giving hope to them?
u are girl, u cant do this!
u are addicted maybe.
why u being so 随便??

i'm not gonna explain it because i knw wat i'm doin right now. of course u cant read my mind because u're not me.If u can make it, i will be ur gf d larrrrrrr... ;)I thought u are the one who understanding me because we are good friend . I knw u won't care i will be text u or call u afterwards n u want me to knw that i'm a good girl gone to bad, right?

Honestly, i feel hurt when u said these nonsense to me.ya, wat u had said it are nonsenses to me.
Well, I don received anything they bought except my birthday present.I'm going out with a movie with them jst because i want to watch it too.I knw u said tat i'm giving chances but at the same time they knw tat i wont fall for them.Maybe this is only my idea :) ops ,I'm explaining !
yes, I'm changed. I am trying to be not so care bout others how they looking at me.I feel tired about it since studied at highschool . It is impossible i can make everyone to understand me. Impossible! ! !

Different people , different way of thinking! agree?
I remembered we had been talked bout gf&bf stuff. I said i will hang out with guys eventhough
I got a boyfriend. but, u are the guy who cannot accept ur gf do this to u. cccc... we having different way of ideas.

I can accept my bf do this to me ; nevertheless, make sure nthg happen between them.I'm a person who want lots of freedom , don't lik ppl controlling on me, don't lik boyfriend always stick on me 24 hours ^^ and so on.

I don mind what u had told me :) no worries, I still treat u as my friend :>.maybe I had made the correct decision in last time because we having different ideas.

people are changing from time to time.

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