Saturday, February 28, 2009

I need to stop it..

Oh god! Recently, I ate lots of ice-cream.I taken after my breakfast,lunch, dinner n wherever I went.It helps me gaining my weight! SoOoo bad!:(seriously plss help me, I need to stop it!For an example, I ate chocolate ice-cream after my lunch then having green tea ice-cream at sakae sushi afterwards bought the flavor of chocolate mint when i went to night market.hell,how can this be? No way for someone who want to be slim n pretty??!
Ya, I feel upset currently so I jst ate lots of ice-cream but it seem not work anymore!
wat can I do?


eileen said...

u can try to eat 1 big basket ice cream bout 350g!!this can help u stop ice cream!!maybe 1 month or few week..

mc said...

Lol^^ I will try it n see