Friday, June 19, 2009

ask me why :X

the more i said, the more ques i had made it.
i hate myself..saying something without using my brain.:S

recently, my temper is good gone to bad.maybe the weather is duper hot n feel very 'pek'..sometimes i talked with ppl impatiently.Besides this , I had great difficulty getting off to sleep every night... i don knw wat is the reason ?!x!? HELP !

I wondered tat i dislike ppl ask me ''whyyy''? I was annoyed at these ques.Stop asking me, plssss...sometimes i did something without any reason , then hw i give to u one?

My remarks were not aimed at anyone..No Offence !!!

as I said blogger is let ppl to share or express their feelin .writing blog is better than vented my ill-temper to somebody,right? So, i jst wan simply shout to my blogger ..:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the director of the kindergarten

I went to interview again. mmm...actually nt really an interview, i think the teacher wanna meet me n see whether my level can achieve her target nt and see hw i can handle for the subject.

when i reached there , she called me to write 5 reasons [in chinese] to her why i wan apply here n work in kindergarten..( i forgot hw to write for some words :S )

mmm..wth?!x!? wat is tis ques , huh? btw, i also gave 5 reasons to her but i think jst a little bit nonsense..:S something that i wrote lik i do like kids , only work in 5 days n bla bla...
i was wondering how important of the behaviour either ideas for a director to manage his /her kindergarten's because school life has a great influence on the formation of a child's character, right?

the first kindergarten i had been worked 4 one day. the kids are discipline ,quiet n polite but different with these kids i had met today.
they felt curious bout u,talkative , bit naughty ,active n so on.
they were asking u; y are u comin here? did u married? can i borrow ur phone? y are u writing this? is tis ur car key, y i cant press it? i think this age of kids should behave tis .

my idea is jst don be so strict to a kid if not they were lost their freedom n they don dare to do or ask wat they wan or need. i would said tat because i never see any kids in first kindergarten having tis curiousness n nt tat active when i went there for interview...maybe i shouldn't comment on it since i worked there for one day only..:P

i resigned 4 the first job jst because i don lik the director like the way she shout to students, she scolded teachers in front of students jst because a small matter , she giv pressure to kids n teachers n the most reason is she talked in this way but she doin another way. i knw i complaint too much on her. in conclusion, i don like her. so, i think tis is important to choose a good kindergarten n hw the director behave it.:P
anyway, i will be started my work on 29th of june ..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i got a job

yes! yes! I was looking for a job n I got their replied from today :)

I am duper happy now :P
I think after i go to more muzz, lifeless , boringness , nonsense and bla bla...
I hop I can change my lifestyle .It can be keep regular hours.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I don play badminton over ''thousand ''years ago.LOl:P
I started to play again since last month which is MAY. It was destined that i know a new friend. She is a beautician and damn pretty.:)
this thurs,she make a phoned call to me n date me go play badminton together.
when i reached there tis morning, i saw.....few couples(her friends n included her)..
hey, is it a couple date ? omg, i felt a little bit weird if i joined them. :S
but at the end, i enjoyed it n feeeeeeel great after exercise :P

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cinderella Man

yo! yo! yo! my man , my idol 权相宇 had his new drama named CINDERELLA MAN !!!

A story of a rich man (Lee Joon Hee) who switches lives with a man who looks identical to him only the difference between them is the other man is poor (Oh Dae San). Seo Yeo Jin is a girl who studies at fashion design school in Paris but returns to Korea after her life is turned upside down when her father dies. This Tv show only had 16 episodes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the new layout.

yea, I changed my layout. I spent afternoon to do this blogger layout n i 'm not satisfied at all !!! i found some layouts tat i loved it but cant saved as my template ...arghhh!?!x!? btw, it will be my temporarily layout.

In addition to changing my layout, i read my previous posts. i found tat the past few months, i was unhappy n wasting my life , time... but i think i was doin great in last year. i learned a lot of things, i shared, i cared, i tried to speak out of my ideas, i listened to ppls, i studied hard , try not to feel shy , i waited patiently n i cried sadly too. :) the most happiest thing is my results getting better n better . Finally i can graduate n convo on JUNE of 27th. wish me?! wish me?! lol:)

Recently,I got cheerful and depressed by turns. I have no reasons y i will become lik tis?!x!?
maybe my allergic was in convalescence.
maybe i have no job,no work pass through my days.
maybe the things is happenin again n again..
its gonna makes me freakin out. screams....

alright, i need to off now because i had a headche.