Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the new layout.

yea, I changed my layout. I spent afternoon to do this blogger layout n i 'm not satisfied at all !!! i found some layouts tat i loved it but cant saved as my template ...arghhh!?!x!? btw, it will be my temporarily layout.

In addition to changing my layout, i read my previous posts. i found tat the past few months, i was unhappy n wasting my life , time... but i think i was doin great in last year. i learned a lot of things, i shared, i cared, i tried to speak out of my ideas, i listened to ppls, i studied hard , try not to feel shy , i waited patiently n i cried sadly too. :) the most happiest thing is my results getting better n better . Finally i can graduate n convo on JUNE of 27th. wish me?! wish me?! lol:)

Recently,I got cheerful and depressed by turns. I have no reasons y i will become lik tis?!x!?
maybe my allergic was in convalescence.
maybe i have no job,no work pass through my days.
maybe the things is happenin again n again..
its gonna makes me freakin out. screams....

alright, i need to off now because i had a headche.

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