Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the director of the kindergarten

I went to interview again. mmm...actually nt really an interview, i think the teacher wanna meet me n see whether my level can achieve her target nt and see hw i can handle for the subject.

when i reached there , she called me to write 5 reasons [in chinese] to her why i wan apply here n work in kindergarten..( i forgot hw to write for some words :S )

mmm..wth?!x!? wat is tis ques , huh? btw, i also gave 5 reasons to her but i think jst a little bit nonsense..:S something that i wrote lik i do like kids , only work in 5 days n bla bla...
i was wondering how important of the behaviour either ideas for a director to manage his /her kindergarten's because school life has a great influence on the formation of a child's character, right?

the first kindergarten i had been worked 4 one day. the kids are discipline ,quiet n polite but different with these kids i had met today.
they felt curious bout u,talkative , bit naughty ,active n so on.
they were asking u; y are u comin here? did u married? can i borrow ur phone? y are u writing this? is tis ur car key, y i cant press it? i think this age of kids should behave tis .

my idea is jst don be so strict to a kid if not they were lost their freedom n they don dare to do or ask wat they wan or need. i would said tat because i never see any kids in first kindergarten having tis curiousness n nt tat active when i went there for interview...maybe i shouldn't comment on it since i worked there for one day only..:P

i resigned 4 the first job jst because i don lik the director like the way she shout to students, she scolded teachers in front of students jst because a small matter , she giv pressure to kids n teachers n the most reason is she talked in this way but she doin another way. i knw i complaint too much on her. in conclusion, i don like her. so, i think tis is important to choose a good kindergarten n hw the director behave it.:P
anyway, i will be started my work on 29th of june ..

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