Saturday, February 28, 2009

i am playgirl

yea, i'm a playgirl in ur mind nOw!
friend:I feel unhappy because u are changed.
back then, u wont accept the guy buy stuff for u.
back then,u wont hang out with the guy.
back then, u wont accept when they want to treat u.
why dont u reject??
i don understand u Now.
do u knw u are giving chances to them?
do u knw u are giving hope to them?
u are girl, u cant do this!
u are addicted maybe.
why u being so 随便??

i'm not gonna explain it because i knw wat i'm doin right now. of course u cant read my mind because u're not me.If u can make it, i will be ur gf d larrrrrrr... ;)I thought u are the one who understanding me because we are good friend . I knw u won't care i will be text u or call u afterwards n u want me to knw that i'm a good girl gone to bad, right?

Honestly, i feel hurt when u said these nonsense to me.ya, wat u had said it are nonsenses to me.
Well, I don received anything they bought except my birthday present.I'm going out with a movie with them jst because i want to watch it too.I knw u said tat i'm giving chances but at the same time they knw tat i wont fall for them.Maybe this is only my idea :) ops ,I'm explaining !
yes, I'm changed. I am trying to be not so care bout others how they looking at me.I feel tired about it since studied at highschool . It is impossible i can make everyone to understand me. Impossible! ! !

Different people , different way of thinking! agree?
I remembered we had been talked bout gf&bf stuff. I said i will hang out with guys eventhough
I got a boyfriend. but, u are the guy who cannot accept ur gf do this to u. cccc... we having different way of ideas.

I can accept my bf do this to me ; nevertheless, make sure nthg happen between them.I'm a person who want lots of freedom , don't lik ppl controlling on me, don't lik boyfriend always stick on me 24 hours ^^ and so on.

I don mind what u had told me :) no worries, I still treat u as my friend :>.maybe I had made the correct decision in last time because we having different ideas.

people are changing from time to time.

I need to stop it..

Oh god! Recently, I ate lots of ice-cream.I taken after my breakfast,lunch, dinner n wherever I went.It helps me gaining my weight! SoOoo bad!:(seriously plss help me, I need to stop it!For an example, I ate chocolate ice-cream after my lunch then having green tea ice-cream at sakae sushi afterwards bought the flavor of chocolate mint when i went to night market.hell,how can this be? No way for someone who want to be slim n pretty??!
Ya, I feel upset currently so I jst ate lots of ice-cream but it seem not work anymore!
wat can I do?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mountain climbing

I haven't seen him for a long while.Finally, we decided to go tukun for mountain climbing together:)
This place calls up my memories with someone.Well, don't rake up the past.

who is he?
-someone who care of me.
-supporting me.
-be my listener.
-accompanying me when i need him.
-was bullied by me :)
" What is he to me?''
''He is a very kind person."He treat everyone with his pure heart.I knw him since we are 15 years old. He offered me the hand of fellowship when I was in difficulties.He always be the first one be with me when i was down. He seem like my counsellor for the last time:) I still remembered , he phoned me once a week for asking how's it going on me? Then , I will told him everything had happened to me for the whole week.
It still had a lot to say it but i think should stop here (jst keep in my mind larrr) I jus wan u to knw ;i can be ur listener sometimes when u need it.I really appreciate what u had done to me. Glad to have u as my friend ;)
anyway, Real friendship is more valuable than money.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

gal n guy 2

guy:I've been taking too long break .
need to get back to work.
gal:ok lar. seem u feel tat wasting time while chat with me...(joking)
guy:i need to do work babe n u r being impossible.
gal:WATEVER? actually, i was joking .
guy:u can't always joke about serious thing lik tat.
u don knw how much u upset me.
gal:serious things?
guy:i really got to go.don bother!

after this, the gal heart is hurting n upset her. WATEVER? she get hurt of this word..nobody lik this word saying out from their bf/gf. He/She will start thinking tat are u really care of me?

gal sms to him...
gal: watever?wat do u mean ? i was joking n i don think a gf demand chat with her bf for longer time is a serious thing! don talk to me by tomolo.hng! {shut down her phone}
guy:sorry,i didn't knw what u was joking about at first.anyway,i really need to get bac to work.

she felt fedupness after read his message.She knws he wont care bout it whether she got replying him or not;whether they are not contact to each other for one whole day..><''

Is she think too much of it?
Is she care so much?
Is she too petty?
Is she demand too much?
Is he really don care?
Is he really busy?
Is he don think tat is a prob?
Is he think tat she is troublesome?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

gal n guy

guy:Happy valentine to u ..I love u:)
guy:how hard to u saying i love u or giving goodbye kiss?
gal:its hard [thinking]

friend:just type it 'i love u'.how hard ?
gal:erm..but not yet reach the level of loving him so much.I don wan><''
friend:u sangat degil larrrrrrr...
gal:is he angry?
friend:i think yes! he will thought that u are not love him.
gal:wat to do?
friend: Think by urself!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy holiday!

Hooray!!happy holiday!
It's unbelieveable!
I had finished semester 2..
How time flies!!!
wow,it was a tough semester to me..><''
I AM FREE~~~:)
I'm gonna enjoy my sem break!!