Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy chinese new year!:)

wishes my family,friends,relatives n everyone who had celebrate chinese new year..
HaPPy chinese NeW yeaR! !

Thursday, January 22, 2009

To my dear friend

To: yee n siang ying,

mm..let's talk bout siang ying ~~
Dear friend, i know u are suffering now,feel sorry that i cant help u anything! I had been long time din meet him d, so i not really know his character now?
is he treat u nicer?
is he sincere?
is he good?
is he selfish?
Sorry ! i can't judge someone that i not really knw well!!
by the way, i hop u can handle it well by urself or maybe he is only ur passer-by in ur life!
Just let it be! Time can prove anything! !cheer up!:) ur turn --yee
I also don knw what i supposed to tell u or what i need to encourage??
We've been friends ever since I met him from standard 3. Last time, I know u are suffered from being misunderstood that we are like each other or i lik him or he lik me..Lol:)
I tell u what..u are not the first person who jealousy due to this incident.
I'm glad to hav this friend n i appreciate our friendship:P
although he is not the prefect one , sometimes he will be selfish,childish,crazy..but i want to tell u that he is a good guy! A guy who loves his parent much ,respect the elders n treat everyone with his pure heart!
Last time, i hope u can be his gf so i did all what i can do for both of u but i found that i was wrong..LOVE game is played by 2 players only not 3.I cant always help u to understand his heart..
is he like u?
is he got a bit feel to u?
is he got angel in his heart?
then, u will tel me that ~~
I'm suffering..
i can't concentrate..
i'm sad..
should i giv up?
or..keep goin?
As ur friend ,i just can giv some advise,encourage or support ur decision-making.
i don't knw he got feel to u not? it's because this kinda of thingie must judge by urself,third party hard to make any sense ..
by the way, appreciate the remainder of daysss that can spend with him..
in conclude,gooD luck to u both!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the first blog in 2009

Oh gOd! my blog is so dead! I had abandon my blog for a month..
It's because i dont hav the mood to write blog.
erm, i think i was dreaming all the daysss in dec.
i dont concentrate in class.
i always gossip with my friend (shen yi) when the lect is teaching.
i hang out with my friends frequently.
i didnt get much sleep.
Its seem that i do hav bad days in dec,nevertheless,i got a nice dream but it is short.
okay, let's talk bout JAN!
more worse for me><'' because my exam is around the corner..
today, i had finished the fourth paper and another 2 paper will be tested after new year..
Hell Hell Hell ! ! !
i want celebrate my new year without exam lar...
stupid college..
stupid management..
stupid ! ! !
In the period of exam,i hope to get ur message or even a call to encourage me~~
call me to work hard,
call me to try my best,
call me don pressure or what..?
I hope to receive it..I really do! Finally, i get nothing :{ From now onward ,maybe i shouldnt expect too much from u .High expectation ,Higher disappointed!
By the way, i need to thank all my friends who care me ,encourage me ,love me ...when i'm feel down or pressure for preparing my final especially U >>ee jj.
To ee jj,
thanks for always acc me when i'm down ,sad, pressure or happy.
u are always be the first one who beside me..I really appreciate!!:>
And another best friend named siang ying, i hope u can find ur Mr.right ASAP!LOl:)
I promise i will find u after my exam , ok?
watever, i hop the time can pass faster a bit..!!hehe