Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the first blog in 2009

Oh gOd! my blog is so dead! I had abandon my blog for a month..
It's because i dont hav the mood to write blog.
erm, i think i was dreaming all the daysss in dec.
i dont concentrate in class.
i always gossip with my friend (shen yi) when the lect is teaching.
i hang out with my friends frequently.
i didnt get much sleep.
Its seem that i do hav bad days in dec,nevertheless,i got a nice dream but it is short.
okay, let's talk bout JAN!
more worse for me><'' because my exam is around the corner..
today, i had finished the fourth paper and another 2 paper will be tested after new year..
Hell Hell Hell ! ! !
i want celebrate my new year without exam lar...
stupid college..
stupid management..
stupid ! ! !
In the period of exam,i hope to get ur message or even a call to encourage me~~
call me to work hard,
call me to try my best,
call me don pressure or what..?
I hope to receive it..I really do! Finally, i get nothing :{ From now onward ,maybe i shouldnt expect too much from u .High expectation ,Higher disappointed!
By the way, i need to thank all my friends who care me ,encourage me ,love me ...when i'm feel down or pressure for preparing my final especially U >>ee jj.
To ee jj,
thanks for always acc me when i'm down ,sad, pressure or happy.
u are always be the first one who beside me..I really appreciate!!:>
And another best friend named siang ying, i hope u can find ur Mr.right ASAP!LOl:)
I promise i will find u after my exam , ok?
watever, i hop the time can pass faster a bit..!!hehe

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