Sunday, July 26, 2009

i made it

the rubik cube , can u do tis?

i can made tis months ++ago.
did u know who is my master?
she is my little twin sisters :)
master sOon XD
captured by sis
i wan 'S ' body !!
y i hard to slim down.?
big shoulder?
fat hand?
big ass?
oh god!...

Friday, July 24, 2009

happy day

a happy day to me . they appreciate n liked my ideas. We enjoyed !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


gooood !!! !!! !!! ... ... ...

I feeeeeeel good after i recovered from illness . I felt bad , tired, geram , hot temper, pain.... when i fall sick. The most cham is I need to go for work :( nvm, i'm healthy N O W..yeah yeah!! :)

I felt tired after work. I knw tis job only taking me 6 hours but i need to prepare either copy something to the kids after i bac to home so it takes me whole morning n afternoon. :S tat's y i felt so tired :X .

The kindergarten decided to organise a concert to the kids .The concert will be held on NOV .. I don think i can take part n celebrate with them. arghhh!! so bad! :S BUT i still need to teach them to dance n sing a song . Today , I let them to listen the song tat i had chosen . Luckily, they loved it XD. They were so cute when i was teaching them to

to be cont.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

first time in JULY life getting better n better now. I was sleeping at 10 something n waking up at 7. hooray! i can changed my lifestyle to be healthier day by day then. no more panda eyes, no more late sleep, no more worries, no more missing... yeah ! yeah!

I got many first time in July like i went pub with families, i was dancing in my cousin wedding party , i used my broken English to communicate with Mr/Mrs banana, i danced with a guy , my hand was duper sweat when i hold hand with the guy , i felt hot when i talked to him n finally, i am a kindergarten teacher now :P

the kids are super duper naughty..actually, i can learned something from there. e.g. hw to handle with the kids when they are crying, hw to reply their silly ques , what we must do after scolded them and so on... btw , i was enjoying to teach them.. XD

yeah XD