Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Every year this day, I should be met my 2 best friends. So, this day nobody can booked m3..hehe^^ I just keep the chance for the 2 pretty gals. They are Eva n Peiwen, but this year Eva cant meet us cause she hav to work..

Okay,let's talk bout Pei wen.She was in LOVE!!Wow!! when i heard bout it, I super excited n happy.It is because both of them experienced lots of things just can be together.So, she told me lots he n she thingssssssss...Of course I will not mentioned here laa~~(lazy +privacy)LOL

Here some picha we had snap>>

untilll here laa..


Saturday, July 26, 2008


Recently...one WORD>>>TROUBLESOMELY!!!
pls stop asking me to be ur gf..
i lik my life now, to be a single..
I am not ready for a relationship yet!!!
somemore, Joshua send me a song ''cry on my shoulder'..
I don knw why, when i heard it..my feeling was down..
mc soon ~~haiz'''

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I made SPAGETTI for my family..
SO...firstly, i went to billion to buy the ingredients..such as
and so on..
suprising i met Chong San..then he acc me to buy the ingredients n he told me that he was studied in UM (KL)..sO GenG..
And, i also treat him , my first made spagetti...after tried he told me that quite taste..so happy to hear that..!!yeah!!
stop here..need to do my assignment(MIS).

mc ^^tired..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today, I was one of the model in PR fair.
It was my second time to be a model..
Tis time, it was a make up show..
Of course, I'm expected cause the first time hav da professional(dresser which is make up girl) help me to make up..sure nicer than my friend help me to make up ^^hehe...
[Wil Upload the picha later..]

mc soon~BUSY

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008


I mentioned tis person as ''z''.
b4 I started to do my revision of biz LAW.
I decided to hav a nap because there was a fair weather.
When I was slept well pn my bed...
''ke ke ke'' like people who is being pushed the chair.
''bang'' ppl who is being closed n opened the door.
''~~~" ppl who is put a book on the table loudly & the sound of turn over the book sheets..
The sound is continuous emit..
Lastly, I cant ''tahan'' anymore, I WOKE UP.
Now , I'm extremly angry the ''Z".
Can U plssssss.....be mild, softly, gently a bit arrr.....
hate!!! hate !!!hate!!!
I HATE the ppl to make noise when i am sleep...

Friday, July 11, 2008

traininG camp..

Hmm~~Last week 4th---6th JULY of 2008, i had joined CS training camp. I was the helper n emcee in the training camp.
WoWww~~Its fun to me cause I enjoyed as much as i can..^^ Training camp was organized at water spot club in this year.

How bout the view there?
hmm~~quite nice but Langkawi is better.

What u receive in this camp?
I met many new friends , especially my group members.
I gained experience to be a emcee.LOL..

TIAN WEI~~my patner...

How bout the activities?
Erm..so far is okay to me such as ~~ we need to do social work in a neighborhood then the stationer will give us the red bean for reward. For sure the red bean have the purpose on it.hehe:) The pictures are the evidence.

He is our assistant..
He is secretary.Our LEADER..
C c c~~ they are busy for helped aunt to clean her house.
wipe the window.
cleaned the ceiling fan.
Washed car.
She is gooD.

Finally, we went 4 houses.

They sang songs to every hosts after they finished their works. Unbelievable, one of the host had a feedback to them ..

O0kay , stOp here..
Lazy to write some more with my broken 'ENGLISH'..XP
By the way, I had lots of fun..

mc sOoN..(tired)