Friday, July 11, 2008

traininG camp..

Hmm~~Last week 4th---6th JULY of 2008, i had joined CS training camp. I was the helper n emcee in the training camp.
WoWww~~Its fun to me cause I enjoyed as much as i can..^^ Training camp was organized at water spot club in this year.

How bout the view there?
hmm~~quite nice but Langkawi is better.

What u receive in this camp?
I met many new friends , especially my group members.
I gained experience to be a emcee.LOL..

TIAN WEI~~my patner...

How bout the activities? far is okay to me such as ~~ we need to do social work in a neighborhood then the stationer will give us the red bean for reward. For sure the red bean have the purpose on it.hehe:) The pictures are the evidence.

He is our assistant..
He is secretary.Our LEADER..
C c c~~ they are busy for helped aunt to clean her house.
wipe the window.
cleaned the ceiling fan.
Washed car.
She is gooD.

Finally, we went 4 houses.

They sang songs to every hosts after they finished their works. Unbelievable, one of the host had a feedback to them ..

O0kay , stOp here..
Lazy to write some more with my broken 'ENGLISH'..XP
By the way, I had lots of fun..

mc sOoN..(tired)

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