Monday, July 14, 2008


I mentioned tis person as ''z''.
b4 I started to do my revision of biz LAW.
I decided to hav a nap because there was a fair weather.
When I was slept well pn my bed...
''ke ke ke'' like people who is being pushed the chair.
''bang'' ppl who is being closed n opened the door.
''~~~" ppl who is put a book on the table loudly & the sound of turn over the book sheets..
The sound is continuous emit..
Lastly, I cant ''tahan'' anymore, I WOKE UP.
Now , I'm extremly angry the ''Z".
Can U mild, softly, gently a bit arrr.....
hate!!! hate !!!hate!!!
I HATE the ppl to make noise when i am sleep...

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