Saturday, July 26, 2008

troublesomely.. WORD>>>TROUBLESOMELY!!!
pls stop asking me to be ur gf..
i lik my life now, to be a single..
I am not ready for a relationship yet!!!
somemore, Joshua send me a song ''cry on my shoulder'..
I don knw why, when i heard feeling was down..
mc soon ~~haiz'''


URfriend said...

lol.. aiya.. just don care tis kind of ppl la. just focus on ur loves 1.. hehe. if u really love someone >>'HIM' better tell him looo.. if not .. scare u will regrat 1 day ..

mc said...

What do u mean by him?
actually, who u are?

URfriend said...

"HIM" is a guy tat u got feeling on him.. last time u told me i just wan to tell u , don let go ur "HIM".
I am ur friend MC.
don worry MC , i won kacau u .. only will leave some comment in ur blog, tats all.