Sunday, July 5, 2009

first time in JULY life getting better n better now. I was sleeping at 10 something n waking up at 7. hooray! i can changed my lifestyle to be healthier day by day then. no more panda eyes, no more late sleep, no more worries, no more missing... yeah ! yeah!

I got many first time in July like i went pub with families, i was dancing in my cousin wedding party , i used my broken English to communicate with Mr/Mrs banana, i danced with a guy , my hand was duper sweat when i hold hand with the guy , i felt hot when i talked to him n finally, i am a kindergarten teacher now :P

the kids are super duper naughty..actually, i can learned something from there. e.g. hw to handle with the kids when they are crying, hw to reply their silly ques , what we must do after scolded them and so on... btw , i was enjoying to teach them.. XD

yeah XD

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sean[m] said...

Yay, your family rocks man... Going Pub with my family... I dont think i have that opportunity also... =(