Friday, June 19, 2009

ask me why :X

the more i said, the more ques i had made it.
i hate myself..saying something without using my brain.:S

recently, my temper is good gone to bad.maybe the weather is duper hot n feel very 'pek'..sometimes i talked with ppl impatiently.Besides this , I had great difficulty getting off to sleep every night... i don knw wat is the reason ?!x!? HELP !

I wondered tat i dislike ppl ask me ''whyyy''? I was annoyed at these ques.Stop asking me, plssss...sometimes i did something without any reason , then hw i give to u one?

My remarks were not aimed at anyone..No Offence !!!

as I said blogger is let ppl to share or express their feelin .writing blog is better than vented my ill-temper to somebody,right? So, i jst wan simply shout to my blogger ..:)

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