Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mountain climbing

I haven't seen him for a long while.Finally, we decided to go tukun for mountain climbing together:)
This place calls up my memories with someone.Well, don't rake up the past.

who is he?
-someone who care of me.
-supporting me.
-be my listener.
-accompanying me when i need him.
-was bullied by me :)
" What is he to me?''
''He is a very kind person."He treat everyone with his pure heart.I knw him since we are 15 years old. He offered me the hand of fellowship when I was in difficulties.He always be the first one be with me when i was down. He seem like my counsellor for the last time:) I still remembered , he phoned me once a week for asking how's it going on me? Then , I will told him everything had happened to me for the whole week.
It still had a lot to say it but i think should stop here (jst keep in my mind larrr) I jus wan u to knw ;i can be ur listener sometimes when u need it.I really appreciate what u had done to me. Glad to have u as my friend ;)
anyway, Real friendship is more valuable than money.

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