Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was woke up in the morning pretty early :P since I slept well last night . No dream! No noise! No worries ! It's because i had taken sleeping pill from mummy.

I got his message by tis morning. He said tat
'Do u even care wat i feel'?

Don I? U never tell me hw u think of me? U never share ur problems, sadness, happiness or wat happened to u at there? Did u giving me the chances ? I knw i cant help u when u are sharing with me. at least, i knw tat u are unhappy . tat y I always said tat i knw nthg bout u.

yea, i'm the one who always demand tis n tat? then , hav u ever think bout it, y i become lik tis? i think u don put this thing in ur heart because u think tat i'm making a great commotion about nothing , right? i don wanna be lik tis also..Its seem lik i kept nagging u, i always on your back.

then , do u knw y i keep asking u that 'did u hav anything to tel me'?... eventhough i knw u don lik ...i 'm asking jst because i wan to knw more bout u at there?! is there everything alright for u? wat hav u did today? n bla bla....not lik this; i asked how ya then u replied tat i'm fine here. ><''

I wish that u telling me this all by urself n not everything wan me to ask u n jst lik i asking u ques then u answer.. wei, wat kind of conversation is tat lar ??!! I know u always felt that i'm the one who are quiet n nthg to say. I'm willing to say more when i can feel tat the ppl who are willing u to listen . '' are we difficult to communicate to each others,hUh?''

Since we hav 1 week ++ not really contact to each other , i started to feel tat is doesnt matter we got contact everyday, i won't like last time always looking forward to talk with u .The feeling is different now. [hard to describe] As i knw, we really don know each other well !!! Btw, i jst wanna release my pent-up emotions.:P

Got somebody get shock when saw me in the morning.She is my mummy {m}

m: Wow! u are awake,hUh?

mc: ur pill is useless lar..

m:wat lar ?! kia we go for breakfast together lar after tat help me do houseworks for keep fit.. way!

m:u should do some houseworks since u are grew fatter n fatter..

mc:swt?? Deal! u must acc me to go out later after i finished all the houseworks.

after taken our lunch, we went to kindergarden for inquired about the part-time job. I called few kindergardens n finally got response from one of the kindergarden named sunshine.yeah! they hired me.yes! i got the another job...:P

then , i went jusco to buy joshua a birthday present . [ hop he lik it :P]

mmm...mummy calling me again !!!

stop here lar..:)

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