Friday, April 24, 2009

finally, i cry on mummy shoulder

I'm not sure when i got this allergic appear on my face.
now , its getting more serious n serious..i was extremely not in da mood.i'm worries:(
my friends asking me y cant connect to ur phone, y din reply my message ,y u ignore me in msn..

i'm so sorry, i really feel sad n no mood to talk with u guys.

Don tried to comfort me because it doesnt help me .

I have no confident to all the doctors..i feel bad to take some useless medicine.i hate it.
can somebody tell me the way to recover?

I wish to talk with him eventhough i knw he cant help me BUT...he was really busy on doin his works :( and i jst don wan bother him.

I know she hate ppl crying when meet the problems. She said tat it doesnt help me, it will getting more worse. I was unable to keep back my tears. You guys have no idea how worried I was. but when she said to me tat '' I'll do everything possible to help you to recover it and u should trust mummy.''

finally, I was crying on mummy shoulder..


Juan said...

did you go 2 bm pharmacy there n let the doctor c?

mc said...

bm pharmacy?where is it?
i had been visited 3 doctors..
the reason they had told me ,totally not the same..:(

Anonymous said...

Stay Strong ^^

Juan said...

jalan ciku there lo..there not bad n the cleanser n cream r quite cheap...or u can go chai leng park there..i think is socka..4gt the name d..

dun sad la..still pretty mar..cheer up^^

mc said...

thank lots:P