Sunday, September 6, 2009

a phone call

arghhhh! I knw it's over with and there's nothing I can do about it BUT i'm still angry laaaaaaaaaaaa..
i knw i were not to blame for anyone...

i knw tis is nt the first time i did this serious mistakes...
i knw tis is my fault...
i knw i shouldnt get angry at him...

In order not to let ppls disturb while i were sleeping , my phone always in silent +no vibrate mode. J call me while i was chatting with my friend . i answered the call n i din realised tat. omg ! he din hang up when he realised i'm nt speak to him. He listened what we were chit-chat about n taken 4 min ++... wth !!!!

i'm angry because u are really no manners!
i'm angry because u denied !
i'm angry because u talked rubbish to me when i was asking u tat !

'' tis is ur fault! nobody cal u put ur phone in slient +no vibrate mode! u shouldnt get angry at ur friend ! he did nthg wrong ! u should bear it n u cannot go scold ppl ! '' ,mummy said.

she said so jst because tis is nt the first time i did the mistake. no worries, i wont go scold him !

can i scold him in my blog ?

you make me sick!
you bastard!
you really turns me off!
you're really gt on my nerves!
what 's wrong with u ???
stop acting innocent in front of me !
i hate it !!!!!!!!!!!

actually, i seldom bring my phone with me after i did the first mistake n i still gt scolded by mummy .It's because i always din pick up her call.

however, happened tis again ...arghhhhh!!!!!!!

after tis matter, i wont let my h/p be with me unless i go out with friends .
i'm sorry if i late reply ur messages or i miss ur call !

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