Sunday, September 13, 2009

the sooner the better

what makes me so busy?
they are :

kindy works
[i need complete all the w/b n do revision with them b4 i leave. ]
[the slide nt yet complete.]
[havent buy the costume.]

[kiddos need more practices for the dance n songs.]
[i havent do the flash cards yet ]

kl stuff.
[mark down what i need to buy ]
[like new bed sheets,hair dryer .....]

call the agent [mummy keeps nagging me ]
[i called the agency on wed but nobody pick up my call ]sigh!
[i forgot this matter again the following days ] gt kena again laa

cleaned my room. *done
cleaned my desk n bookcase.*done

wash my sport shoes, sandals.
wash bags.
renew my license.
[ the deadline is 11-9-09]

take a photo 4 the new license .

after i listed out all the things i need to do by tis 2 weeks..i c nthg can makes me so
BUT..sometimes i need mood n motivate to do it..:S
somemore, i wan make time to hang out with my friends since they are come bac 4 their sem break.

anyway,the sooner i do it, the better!


sean[m] said...

Hey, what is the time u work in kindagarden??? I wan chio u gals and guy go out de ar!!!And my birthday is in holiday... xD .. wan to arrange time properly since Our joshua is GOD damn busy in holiday.

mc said...

8 to 2 :P's great .we can celebrate together then :)