Friday, October 16, 2009

taylor's uni college

finally, i started my uni life in kl. Everything is out of my expectation.:X Everything in kl is new to me. i feel lonely because i don hav any close friend here.I'm not familiar in kl.I'm new student in Taylor's but i was direct entry so nobody will treat me lik new student especially the lect. Our lect n tutorial notes are printed by ourself. wth!?!x!..when i was in tarc, the lect is spoon-feed us but no more in Taylor's...:( most of friends are speak in English. sigh!..feel shame when i speak with them in broken English :( why? i asked myself why i cant speak fluently in English? is it i don speak oftenly or..? the next day, i told myself is nthg to be shame or wat..because i can speak well in chinese wat..:) nvm , i can speak english all the time because i got an indian roommate. :) She is good n i like her.:)
okay, i would lik to cont other day because i feel tired right now.:S


loV3~osY~ said...

erm~so sry i cant accompany u all the ways~
but u hav to be strong~
the way tat u choose~
u muz be brave to face anythings else~
be ur best frenz~
sure i wil support u~if hav problems~
my phone 24hr on calls to mc soon~
jia you~
take care of urself~^^

Horng said...

i support u ...
Ktar not spoon feed now..
i much ^^

K@trince~~jia said... u all da way......+u

sean[m] said...

Now u regretting leaving Ktar. muahahahaha... my lecturer also told me, Ktar very good. lecturer is spoonfeeding us. Not like other college. Although pressure, but we still can walk through Diploma right? If we can walk through Diploma,means we can get through Advance Diploma. NTG is impossible i said to myself. U pay more but u din get spoonfeed... HAHA...^_^V
But since u choose this path, go for it lo. U seriously need to get fully adapt into the environment. Ganbatte kudasai.