Friday, September 4, 2009

gurl- she has very regular features &7 years old .
me-soon ming chiat.

me : what are u doin? what u want from me?
gurl : she pointed at something ! buy this 4 me! i want i want!
me : huh? sorry, i don get u!

{actually, she is touched my breast}

gurl : I want this! why u and teacher leela got this but i don hav ?why ?

me :WHAT? [blurrrr..]
gurl :buy bra 4 me laa..i want to wear too !
me :lol :S
gurl : i don wan let ppl see my breast !

wth !! then i straight ran away because she always try to touch mine 1 ! omg! even though , she jst 7 years old but she got 17 years old thinking ! how mature she is? :X

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