Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i cooked.

Daddy went to africa.
Mummy have a date with grandmother.
so, i was the ppl who are prepare lunch n dinner to my lovely sisters.


jiang! jiang! jiang!..

the soup.

the supporter.

the chef:P
to all my clever friends,
i havent said anything yet, but u guys seem lik knw everything.-- Lol
btw, thanks for care :p
i really appreciate it,thanks :)
no worries, i'm will be alright soon..XD
tml is another fresh day.


Jason Tan said...

swt... of coz we noe... zz
take care la....
everything will b alrite

miss*ph* said...

u cook de can eat or not de?

mc said...

-jason: duh!
-ph: did u see my supporter? :P

Jason Tan said...

u ah... y alwiz duh me 1!!! zzzz gai lo... i swt u back!! xD
u noe tat ph also a?? swt... i sure kena bully d lidat zzzz

mc said...

she is my highschool friend ler..