Saturday, August 29, 2009

life at goshen morning

finally, i completed the slide show [ Life at Goshen Morning ]. First, i need to thank my principal who accepted my idea of makin tis slide show . Secondly, thanks my friend who helped me to check my BROKEN english :S.

actually, i learnt a lot from my work. It's because the principal always giving chance to share my opinions and my work are not restricted :) to be honest, i'm nt a confident person. my ideas always belong to '' weird '' either ' 'are u sure bout this''. my friends always doubt at me , on the contrary, the principal support me :) I really appreciate this.

as joshua said, i met new friends {kiddos}there too.. haha. been 2 months ; living with the kids ... with them happiness is all i have .They fill me up with happiness and take away my sadness :)

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