Friday, August 28, 2009

i feel lost !

i feel lost about our friendship!
i don knw hw to face it so i choose to run away from the fact.
i don lik to explain because i would feel lik i was trying to conceal smthg.
i'm nt angry wat u had told me but i MIND!
i need TIME to accept tis.

i don knw hw long i need to take it but i'm sure nw is nt the right timing!
pls..jst let me :)
if u feel lik i'm selfish, jst hate me !

i knw tat i always a failure in this case :x
sigh! i hav no idea d :s

1 comment:

n said...

hmmm.. im nt sure wt reli happen on u. bt be tough.. if its relationship prob, u don hv to worry bout tat, if the guys reli likes u, he will gv u time, im sure HEs vy understanding person... take ur time n when ur ready, jus get bac to him... im sure he will always be there for u, even tho u might think tat HEs nt...
Remember to smile always..=)