Monday, March 31, 2008


hmm~~i think hav a week din log in my blog ler..
ok, lets start to write my bloG noW>>>
Today, i supposed to go play tennis with my friends..Unlucky, court fully booked by ppls..
There was the many timess..., we cant play tennis.It is because the country club there was repairing the court ==""After , i called my best friend (siang ying) for hiking, but she was just woke up when i giv her a called n later she wil be go out with her family.So, lastly i callEd keipo YEE ( my sista)..n ask her whether wanna go or not, SuprisinG~~keipo yEE n shan promised m3..

Hooray~~long time din go for hiking!
Second ~Driving skill too bad in last tim3 ..
When arrived there, we find a parking BUT the road quite narrow>> scared ler..
I drive very very carefully, cause my skills not really good ar..Luckily, we find da place to park n very easy to park in..XD After that, i told them i wan back n bit lazy ler.. Kei po YEE said ''人也是你,鬼也是你''. LOL..Lastly, we also reached the gloriette just bac..

We took some pic there! In the beginning , they was refused to took picha but i told them i wont put in friendster ..LOL..( i will put in blog ar!! ) I din tell th3m..

Wut u both doin over there ya?

any handsome there is it??
Kei po yee n ugly m3(in tis picha)

The view there~~

Got so tired meh?

Three Of Us!!

Without anyone help us to take tis picha,geng leh!!!

when on the way bac, shan always said ''tired tired tired'', then i called to watch the picha of family>>>even the dog ,n kid also came for hiking n seem so happy ler..LOL^^

Happy !!! It was maybe nice&happY to hang out with twin sista than friendsss..

"~" mc SOon "~"

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