Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 reasons

12:53 p.m now..i'm in Kl ''Genting'' !!!
I'm happy n excited by 2 reasons;
Happy --got my law paper marks 50/50.
Excited--finally, i got the time n chance to hang out with my family .
mum: hey,4th to 6th of DEC 2008, we are goin to genting, do u want follow us?
mc : I got 2 tests in that week? somemore, i don want to skip my tutorial n lect classes.><"''
sister: Try to adjust laa..
Lastly, i replaced all my tutorial n lect classes for whole week n did 2 tests in 3 days!
The purpose that i wrote this statement is wan to said that:
U can do any impossible thingie if u really applied ur mind to the difficulty!
that's y..human always lik to said that
Do u think so? ? ?
mc (waiting for check-in)

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