Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what do u want from me?

lies around us.
This maybe make me stay stronger than last time but sometimes i do feel tired about this.
i'm a lazy person that hate to think n make decision. I'm changed ! NOW, i want to be a powerful person, do fight bac if u try to advantage on me, voice out when i feel dissatify, wont trust ppls easily like last time.. some of friends make me realised that someone treat u very very nice doesnt mean he really love u. maybe he jst want hav fun with u at this moment. this make me feel horrible and shittt....pls do remember that everyone do something with their intention anddd PLS do not feel that everyone are good ppls when they give u a hand. I knw that this is bad if i keep thinkng this way n it would make me feel crazyyy but i jst wan protect myself and nt to get hurt so easily.
I keep silence doesnt mean i know nothing. actually, i knew that they had lied to me.
I am nt gonna find out the reason because i think tis is waste my time n nt worth to do so ..
I would never never get the correct answer . BUT i will re-evaluate our friendship n stop treat u as nice as last time. :)) Sometimes its too late to say sorry or wat after u did something bad to me.
I hate hypocrete but i try to be nw. is it confusing? hahaha.. we have to be in our life :))

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nic said...

hey girl.. what goes so bad in ur life?? do share wit me ok? u know how i treat u... text me when u wanna talk.. im always there... :)