Friday, January 15, 2010

this called 'Real Life''

Been 4 months; staying in kl....with them complicated life is all i have.
The concept of ''happy-go-lucky'' couldn't exist in kl. Real life isn't as happy as people imagine.

Different kind of ''good ppls'' that I have met in this city.
Try to take advantage on you,
They bully @fool in whatever way they want,
Call u anytime when they need u,
Treat u as their servant,
Hypocrites around u,
Although he is married ,he feel reasonable to ask u be their love patner.
They're as cunning as a fox.
Hard to read their mind.

I don wish to fight back because i don want be hypocrite. Seriously,i miss the moments with family,kiddos and friends who treat you with their heartfelt feeling.

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K@trince~~jia said...

ming chiat..if u feel suffer over der..
wwelcome bec here..
we r stand beside u ....