Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a h/P. why?

YOU are too selfish! YOU are too greedy!
Seriously, I don understand WHY i need her permission to get a new phone.
Why I must let her to choose first?
Why parents partial to her?
Why always care about her feeling first?
Why make things so complicated ?
Why don Uu buy me a new one straight away?
Why need to ask her first?
How can she cal me to use her old phone?
Why parents scared about her?
STOP TELLING ME how do Uu feel if we are quarrel?
DON TELL ME how immature she is?
DON GIVE ME the disappointed face .
mummy, u are the one who promised to buy me a new phone n now u are the person wan me to let her choose first. have u think about how i feel? U promised me n now u lie to me. She is the one who cross over the line NOT ME. I dy let her to choose which phone she wanted but whyyyyy she still asked me to take another old phone. TOTALLY unfair to me.. PLs don TREAT Me AS RUBBISH !!!! Don give me the things which is she don wan it! AND remember I'm Ur daughter TOOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!


nic said...

cheer up gal, nobody treat u as rubbish.. u have to understand ur mum, she has 5 kids n she only hv one heart. she have to spread her love to all 5 of u... its not easy to make it equal... so don be too mad at tat ok??

Anonymous said...

its just a H/P,like you said.
凡事...even any matter comes;