Saturday, April 19, 2008

Unknown numbeR

That day , "Ring ! Ring! Ring!" a miss called by unknown number.
Later, I received a message "Hi, I am Wei Huey, this is my phone number, what are u doing there?'', then she called m3 n invited m3 to hang out together for a movie.I promised her. I anticipate very much and happy to go for this appointment with her cause we din meet each other quite a long period after form 5. She n Gavin come to fetch at 8 something, still early for the movie at 930pm so we decided go McD. We chit-chat there~~ Suddenly, phoned rang !!! The unknown number called again. I'm happy to heard tis voice, cause very long has not heard the voice ^^.In the beginning, I am not very sure bout who is that ,then I called tis person to laugh once n listen..
LOL~~...........By the way, I am Happy to received the call.
We went to pacific for the movie "XxX'' I forgot the name d..the actors are 'Jet Li', 'Jacky Chan' n so on~~Quite okay lah! After the movie, SUPriSing n Shocked to meet old schoolmates n friends such as phei han ,jia peng, jothanan n lili.. We all were watched the same movie at the same time same day...hahahaha XD
Later, We went to 'hai luo' at autocity for Yam Cha..'HUH, I'm tired leh, stil wan go ar?'^^
Maybe some of my friends are ' night cat' , they felt still early ler. The situation n singers there not bad lar, I was the first time been there.
By the way, I am glad to hang out with u both.

mc soon~~

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