Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sakae Sushi

S U S H I . . .

When do I know bout sushi?

--Few years ago. [I don really remember the exactly date]
The first impression of me about sushi is extremely BAD & SMELLY!!><''' [Not going into details about this.]

Then why do I love to eat sushi now?
--Its influenced by 2 person who are aunt and Gavin.
In conclude, I quite like to eat sushi especially salmon, Ajitsuke Idako n Unagi. [not that much]^^...Today, I went to sakae sushi at sunway carnival with my dear twin sisters.They do lik to eat 'yaki udon' only!! ><'''I do have some pictures with them.

Then , the next station is POPULAR at NEW Jusco! We had been stayed there about one hour and lastly I bought 3 books to read for my bored holiday!:[

mc [tired]

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