Sunday, October 19, 2008

Melaka [1]

1st day

I woke up at 5 something ( morning) to get myself well-prepared.

After that, mummy fetch sister and I went to school.

Before going to school to meet her students, sister warned me do not so close with her students. It is because they are ‘OKU’. So, when some of them smile with me, I looked at them in cool manner. See how bad am I?_? Initially, I don’t understand why I need to do as her bidden but after the trip I got it the meaning… [haiz ><’’]
It was a long journey, but we eventually arrived at about 5 something and I sit in the bus nearly 10 hours ++ (I wan die)*_ O m G! ! ! My sister students pee in her pant n she din tell us until we saw it ><’’’

The 1st place that we had travelled around at is at the city of Melaka.
Here are the pictures that I had captured with my sister ...

Afterwards we can go to the ‘Melaka megamall’ go for window shopping. However we bought five singlet’s in different colours.

Later, we went to MCD to take our dinner [free]. That’s my sister boss set us up to a nice dinner ^^.
After took our ‘free’ dinner, we embarked for boat at the core of Melaka enjoyed the night view.

End of the Day

mc [tiredness]

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