Monday, October 20, 2008

Melake [2]

2nd day
Last night, my sister boss had been arranged us sleep with them [she +her mummy] in the same room which is master room. Yeah! I gets up early to take my shower at about 6 ++a.m.

Why did I wake up so early?

It’s because the mummy woke up early for praying then awoke me >-*.

Afterwards, we headed to the clubhouse took our breakfast [buffet] .The next destination is at ZOO safari .I had lots fun there [enjoyed much much ^^] I and sister ride on an elephant and camel,snapshot with animals like horse ,tiger, elephant and so on…we had been watched the show (suck) excluded the elephant show. We also had our lunch at there tOo.In the afternoon, {4++p.m} we went back to the apartment took our shower and short break.

At night, we had watched the show in the cowboy town. And I had been chosen to play the game [I enjoyed it]..Sister and I met new friends which are from Penang.
Suddenly, a handsome guy [Thailand] came towards me smiled and offered his hand. It was surprised me!! ! ^^

After the show, one of my sister student took a squat in his pant and he refused to clean it.. Omg !! ! H E L L !


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