Saturday, January 5, 2008

the First week OF JAN..

SUbway...In the early morning, a friend sent me a breakfast.. nic is it..n a cup of Coffee..^^
Thanks DannY!!
Hmm..when i am in trouble in HoW to bac to PEnanG.??haIZ..
Suddenly, my roommate ask me tat wanna follow her bac not..
Wow..tat is great thing!
Thanks SHieh TJeng!

JOgging..~~I n SAN went for jogging every evening..
There was a place to let m3 relaxing..
Thanks for SAN acc m3!

三角COOL - 月亮代表我的心 里有问题
This was da nic SonG.. "caUse SPeCIaL"
I thinK so LAA..
if interest bout It..

~~mc soon~~

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OoPiPiPomoO said...

pai tia er!!! =p