Monday, January 21, 2008

The DAy~~

hmm..NOw is 3.05a.m
JUst Now hardworking on doin revision.. MArco!marcO!
NOw take a short Break..
The way i taking rest Is OPen COmp..^^
tO Checking tat my friends got reply my message nOT..><
HAiz''i din receive anyone de arrr..
i drank 3 cups of coffee..tat y NOw i am in fine feather..hAhA···XD
I planning to study tiLL morninG..

HAppY ! haPPy! hApPy!
i found it!!! Jackson- You Are Not Alone)
CAuse this song i wan it for long time..
BUt i don know the Title of da song..
YeAh ~~

YEsterdAy**[sun 20-1-2008]
whole Day crazy-ing played with sista{twins}..
PLaying Uno..
RecordinG sista voice through my phone n will use as my ringtone..
After recorded, haha...we laugh till non-stop!
CAuse three Of us de voices > fuNNy+++
We "fighting" ,"debating","disturbing ",with each other..
hAhA *_^ GlaD tat I hAv twins sista
although they very very very
Wil Tel more bout theM next time Laa^^
hav to bac tomy study Room to FIghtiN ler..!!
~~Mc soon~~

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