Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Fast fast Fast..
so fast ler...
happy neW Year!!
where u guys all go celebrate..
i think some of u go for countdown..??
celebrating with
hehe...that is just my idea..

How is m3??
hehehee :)
i was celebrate my new year 2008 with my favourite drama..
hmm....maybe u think that i am so pity...alone..
NO No NO..u are wrong..
I am enjoying..^^
The way that i choose to receive my new year 2008
Is with The MOsT ThinG i lov to do... watching drama!!

YeaR 2008..

Hmm..i hop this year i wil be happy in 200 days..

i think this enough For m3..

I hop my family wil be healthier ..

MY friend become prettier n handsome..haha..

hop that All will be fine in this year..

haPPy New YEAr 2008..

~~mc soon~~

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