Saturday, January 12, 2008

13th OF Jan 2008


My friend will leave M'sia to LOndon.
i think we gonna hav a long period wont meet each other ler..

Wil i miss him??
YEa..sure i will!XD
i think we met each other was a fate..
Cause we are in da same secondary school...
but don knw each other..
N don know y i wil be his friend in da friendster..
The first impression me to him Is no good no good .. n a bit weird attidude.
It is because he don lik ppl send comment to him n must send through message..
Siao, thought i really wanna send message to u ar..LOl
Cause i wanna know more bout the mass com course in Han Jiang just asked him..
BUt lastly i chosen Accounting! haha><
After tat, i went for contact..till i went for college..
DOn knw y..sunddenly wil contact bac..through MSn..
Till 15 th Aug (the ten days after my birth), m3 n san with he go for the first movie together..
First da cold! cold! cold! situation..@@
he was PR &advertising..y??so quiet in da CAr...
I knew it! cause he met two pretty gals a day..too shy n happy d ..hehe..

when the beginning , i thought i wont 'bu she de'..

BUt lastly i did...maybe he was da my first friend goin to oversease to study..

Well...We're met in Wrong timinG..HOw to say ler..just feel soo..

erm.."let it be natural" can describe me n he..

I lik this feeling ..feel so good..never had b4..cAuse i don lik Be force..haha..^^

I just lik him..i don knw tat was as a friend ar..or as a lover..

i din think much of tat..if yes,i scared will be hurt...haha

NOw..he go to oversease d..everything will be....

anyway,thanks For giving da Nic meMorieS...~~

Wish hIm all da best in his future..

"Aza za fightin!!"

~~mc soon~~

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