Friday, August 8, 2008

Investment Game

Investment game is our college organised for business students to take part it. So, my friend asked me to join their group, 10 persons each group..before registered, I and Yi found that need to do lot of thingsss,we want QUIT, but our housemate said CANNOT because they not enough ppl d.
okay! The story just at the beginning ,because of this investment proposal i had been making 3 persons angry on me.

To Suki,
Sorry for I always ask ur permission that can i don wan attend the meeting ?
Sorry for I always troblesome U.
Sorry for everything.
I don wan attend the meeting is because i need to go bac home. If not nobody fetch me on SAT.
I said that I will do my part for finding bout the share for u n u guys not yet search for it , right?
Last night, I done it with my friend at 2 something.
So, the things what i supposed to do, i do it for u d~~still wanna blame on me, UP TO U...

To David,
Sorry for i break my promise.
Sorry for i din take ur phoned call.
Sorry for everything.
When I am in class, or in computer lab~~I cannot accept ur call, right?
And, my phone always in silent + no vibrate status..I wont realise that,'' u are calling m3'' !!!
I asked u that, is it any important things to tell~~U said NO.Then...?
I said u can tell me through msn , when u're online...U said hard to said through msn , then what u want to tell m3??
???I really cant get U...
U seem lik unhappy, when i said we talk later because I'm discussing the proposal with my friend..><'''
Then , what i supposed to do ?? Is it u wan me talk to U while my friend is being helped me to do the proposal??? IMPOSSIBLE!!!
By the way , sorry for that!
To Gavin,
Sorry for my attidude.
Sorry for close ur phone.
Sorry for wat i did.
I'm not purposely to do tat!! I am message with my friend when u're calling , how i knw u suddenly call in..while I press the delete button .
Don I messaged u said tat we can talk later..~~
sORRY for my attidude when we'r talk on the phone, cause in that moment I'm Super Duper BAD MOOD + pressure!!
Watever laa..I wrote this blog just for release out my feeling.
Because u guysss..I'm in da bad mood for 2 days.
If any of u do read my blog>> ''I'm not explained my fault to U guysss...''
Haiz, i thought after my birthday may have nic year~~
Who knws??
The next day of my birthday was my BAD day!!!
By the way, I need to thanks MR. LeoW for helped me...(appreciate it)

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