Friday, August 1, 2008


Money money money
Is it $$$$ is important to u?
>>Yes, absolutely!
..... BUT i wont because of money to betray myself.

Do u hope that got a rich boyfriend?
>>YEs, I do.
I think most of the gals hope ToO,maybe some of guys hope to get one rich girlfriend!
Maybe u get wrong my meaning , I wan a rich of knowledge boyfriend .I believe that a person who is smart n hardworking will be a rich ppl in future time also..
So,Pls don always TeLL me that How rich u are??
I'm not interested at aLL.
If I loved the money so much .., i wont be with U, I straight to ''tackle'' ur dad, y do i wanna waste time on you..I knw said tis kind of words is super duper CHEAP! I just told u the truth.
So, PLS don use $$$$ to paste on my face.And , Don feel that MONEY is ur everything. I know money is important to all of us, but doenst mean EVERYTHING! Pls don think sOo.
I din scold u on the spot that day, cause i still treat u as my friend. I respect U, so u should be know how to respect ppl.

The reason I wrote this blog is for one of my friend.
If u read it, just think about wat i am feeling when u said me before u get ''fire on ur head''..^^

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