Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yes, I think I found that something can motivate m3 to study hard for tis coming final exam.

LWT: Hey, hav u been sitting the MARCO exam last time?
SMC: Yes, I done it.
LWT:Can u teach me?
SMC: Huh??are u sure? I 'm not good enough in tis sub and somemore I failed tis paper b4 but lastly I also score it laa..LOL^^.. Cannot XXX No!! No!! No!!
LWT: Is it ur A is fake de?
SMC: What?? I studied hard for it!!!
LWT: So..?
SMC: okay lah, I try n see.

When I read the notes, I found that it was MIRCO not MARCO!!! Actually, i do remembered a bit only cause tis sub was in my Y1 sem1 , I dy giv bac to my lect ><''........................
Hope that he passed the test laa~~

After tis, I started to think it ~~
How can tis be?
What is the purpose to study for?
for ur test?
for ur future?
for what?
after exam, forgotten ALL?
then what for study?
I'm not really got the answer , but I knw I need to study hard (understand n apply for it).
It is because I can help my friend when they need me..LOL^6^ Actually, I do happy n enjoyed teached my friends because tis can prove that i am not USELESS ler~~In conclusion,I must study hard n don't be lazy snake ANYMORE ..^^
mc~~rainny day


unknow_gan said... you must study hard...i always support hard ya... but something i need to tell you... when you finish your exam!!

mc said...

hmm..^^ hop that i can do it laa..
hmm~~actually what u wan to tell me??u should tell me now, if can i concentrate on studies ya?><''

unknow_gan said...
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unknow_gan said...

finish your exam fist leh... i will tell after your exam!! so now you must concentrate on your studies ok:)

URfriend said...

MC!!!!! don sleep liao!!!! get up study le... eat sleep eat sleep fat liao la~~~~~.. any way.. +U+U ya.. study hard.. if can meet u 1 day... i treat u makan la..haha.. byebye^^